9 Classic Ringtones Reimagined As Techno Bangers

9 Classic Ringtones Reimagined As Techno Bangers

Remember when ringtones were the the be all and end all? Remember rifling through magazines to the back page to order a telephonic version of Faithless's 'Insomnia' that cost you a fiver? I sure as hell do.

When trawling the internet trying to find those golden nuggets of tunes this article took a turn for the best when I realised that many of the classic ringtones we all know and love have dance remixes.

So here for your delectation are eight classic ringtones reimagined as dancefloor bangers.

1)Nokia Tune

One of my least favourite of the bunch. Kinda sounds like the Nokia tune by way of Owl City.

2) Samsung Tune


Now this is a lot better. I could imagine this playing in a sweaty nightclub at 2 o'clock in the morning or blaring out of a boy racer's car on his eleventh lap of the town.

3) Nokia - Kick

We all remember Kick, right guys? Here it is as a bombastic instrumental. I could imagine a 90s rapper, maybe Usher spitting a few bars over this.

4) Sony Ericsson Ringtone


The first Trap remix on the list. I never owned an Ericsson but this the tune does ring a bell (heh-heh). Not gone on this effort.

5) Hello Moto - Motorola

Bit of a strange one, seeing as Hello Moto was kind of already a techno banger. It gets the stadium treatment here and sounds pretty terrible I must say.

6) Android Ringtone


Atrocious yet hilarious.

7) iPhone Ringtone

The second trap entry on the list. This will get stuck in your ear.

8) The Crazy Frog


Just gonna leave this one here and say nuthin...

9) Samsung - Over The Horizon

This is just a weird bonus track. A cover of Samsung's Over The Horizon. Watch for the weird 'hip' musician eerily singing Over The Horizon a thousand times.

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Eoin Lyons

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