7 Hilarious College Dating Disaster Stories That Will Make You Glad To Be Single

7 Hilarious College Dating Disaster Stories That Will Make You Glad To Be Single

If you're a single pringle you may find the world of dating a mysterious one.

Now, with Tinder and online dating becoming the go-to, you don't always meet the person before the date. With this comes awkward encounters, weird behaviour and unrecognisable internet fiends.

So instead of hiding away and forgetting these disaster dates ever happened, we've asked college students to tell us about their horrific experiences. This of course, is for us all to enjoy their misfortunes, and most importantly feel better about ourselves.


1. Paul, Kerry

'An American girl broke up with me because I didn't say thanks to the bus driver. I think it was doomed from the beginning.'



2. Emily, Kildare

'I was on a date with a guy from secondary school and things were going okay until he let out a ginormous fart. He then said he needed to go to the toilet and was in there for 45 minutes! To make things worse, he actually asked if I was going home with him afterwards.'


3. Áine, Cork

'I went on a date with someone off Tinder and we went to a really nice bar in Smithfield. So, we were standing at the bar chatting and he kept on spitting while he talked. It was a long bar and I kept slowly moving back every time he spat at me, and by the end of the date we were 10 metres from where we were originally standing.'



4. Ashley, Australia but studying in Ireland

'A guy brought his dog along to our date and was talking to his dog more than me. He even had the dog on a stool beside him and was talking to the dog for around 90% of the date. I actually asked him, 'are you actually going to talk to me or your dog?' He literally laughed it off and kept talking to the dog.'


5. Angelo, American studying in Ireland

'I met up with a girl off Tinder and when we met, she said she would hug me, but all four cargo pockets on the front of her jacket were filled with broken glass. I was then bombarded with a two-hour story about her Harry Potter fan-fiction, and all my attempts to politely change the conversation were brushed aside. It got to the point where I started chain smoking and texting other people. She kept talking anyway, and we never went on a second date.'



6. Maddy, Dublin

'So I went on a date with this guy to a pub in town and the entire time he kept talking about the date he had the day before, or else about the date he had the next day. What a dope.'


7. Darragh, Dublin

'I went on a blind date in Dundalk to the cinema with a girl and it was going grand. So the film we went to see was The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, just as I made the move and went in for it the rape scene came on and it was the most awkward date of my life. I walked her home to her sisters and never saw her again.'


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