College Tales: 'I Messed Up And Now My Roommates Are All Pissed At Me'

College Tales: 'I Messed Up And Now My Roommates Are All Pissed At Me'

Life isn't easy during the college years.

Living with strangers, limited budgets, late nights and early mornings – it's only natural that things should go wrong once in a while.

But when things took a pear-shaped turn for Reddit user Orut-9, the consequences seemed to far outweigh the crime.

Here's his story

So I live in a four person suite. 2 bathrooms, four bedrooms and a living room area. This morning when I woke up to get a shower, I saw that there was a massive wet spot trailing across the carpet from the bathroom, reaching all the way to the couch on the other side of the living room. Inside the bathroom, everything was soaked. The mats on the floor were wet and there were 3 dripping wet towels hanging next to the shower curtain.

He said he had no idea what had happened, but his roommates were already off to class so he ignored it for the time being. However, when there was still nobody home even after he took a nap, he began to think something was amiss.

When I woke up, there was still no one around. A little strange, but they get out a lot so it's not unheard of for me to not see them all day. So I go get dinner and when I'm walking back I see that the lights are on in my room and a few people are there. Ok good, I'll finally be able to ask why everything's soaked.


As soon as I walked into the room roommate #1 says something along the lines of "oh hey, here to clean your mess?"

I had no idea how any of this was my mess, but it turns out that I unknowingly flooded the room. I guess the night before when I went to the bathroom, I clogged the toilet and it was pumping water all night. (it didn't look clogged though, it was down in the pipes)

But it got worse.

They all fucking cleaned up after me while I just slept in my room not knowing about any of it. I don't know why they didn't wake me, I would've been happy to help out.

Now, I completely understand being mad. I would be too, and 2 out of the 3, while still mad, said that it's no big deal and I didn't try it so no hard feelings. But they told me to steer clear of the third guy, because he's apparently super pissed about it.

I heard him come in a few minutes ago...

... and immediately get pissed off because you can still see the wet mark on the floor. He starting going off about how his whole life is shitty, how he hates this room and how he hates me, "that mother fucker".


The poster said he had "no idea" what to do in the situation.

I mean, it's technically my fault but I had no idea it even happened and I feel awful that they had to clean up after me. This is like a personal nightmare come true. Hell, half the time I avoid going to the bathroom in the room anyway because I'm always paranoid that something like this would happen.

I just have no idea how to deal with this situation, especially when one of my roommates doesn't seem very willing to talk about it. This is humiliating...

The responses have been sympathetic for the most part

Says MisterChao:

You fucked up but it was an accident. He either can hate you forever or move on. Shit happens.

Ignore it. If he's a logical human being he'll realize it's an accident and get over it. But if you see something wrong you should probably check next time.

While some recommend that the poster tackles the subject head-on

I recommend apologizing to your roommates and buying everyone pizza or something. It was an accident, but one you caused, and you need to be apologetic.

What would you do?

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