CT On The Street: Girls On Their Boyfriend's Worst Habits

So College Times took to the streets of Dublin to ask our female readers what are their boyfriend's worst habits? Don't worry, there's nothing incriminatory here - only first names! But we got some pretty interesting and funny answers. Boyfriends, take note!

Laura: "I hate when my boyfriend freaks out and automatically assumes I'm pregnant every time I don't feel well."

Us boys don't know a lot about the goings-on of our girlfriend's menstrual cycle, and we don't want to know. We trust you to take the pill consistently, just like you trust us to put on a condom every time we have sex. Doesn't seem fair? You're right, it isn't. But hey, we didn't make the rules! If there's one thing that will send your boyfriend to crazy town it's the idea that you might be pregnant with his unplanned child! Sorry ladies!

Rachel: "It's so annoying when he tells me to calm down and it's not a big deal."

We know that you girls can get a bit emotional from time to time, and it's our job to calm you down and reel you back into your happy place. Any guy who's had a girlfriend for any amount of time should know to NEVER say two things when she is upset: "Calm down" and "relax." Don't do it lads! You're opening yourself up to a world of pain if you do!


Sarah: "When he farts and then laughs about it."

Okay, I am going to be honest - I laughed the second we received this answer. Is it a sign of my immaturity level or maybe it's just some classic slapstick comedy? Probably the first one. If you and your boyfriend are still in the "honeymoon phase", he is probably really embarrassed about his flatulence and tried to laugh it off. On the other hand, if you guys are together a long time, maybe he's just REALLY amused by farts from his own bum. We're sorry Sarah but that's probably the cold, hard and smelly truth.

Ciara: "I can't stand when my boyfriend pees on the toilet seat or leaves the seat up."

Okay, we'll take the hit for this one. I tried rattling my brain to think of a valid excuse for this but I just couldn't find one. You'd think that after using our penises every day since we were born, that our peeing accuracy would be sniper-like. But no, it's far from that. Especially when we're drunk - it's like manning a fire hose.


Danielle: "When he plans a night out with his guy friends once a week but not with me."

Danielle, guys night is an ancient tradition for us males. It usually occurs on a Thursday, but can take place on a Friday or Saturday too. Not making an appearance on guy's night is only ever excusable if you're on your deathbed or there's a major emergency. The whole idea is to spend some healthy time away from your girlfriend and catch up with your friends, which is also the case for the reverse girl's night. If your boyfriend doesn't plan a date night with you every week or so, then he's probably a shitty boyfriend.

Amy: "When he automatically assumes I'm upset because I'm on my period, not because he did something stupid."

This one is a bad one. Amy's boyfriend is definitely playing with fire. Don't ever assume your girlfriend is upset just because she's on your period. But also in his defence, it is really annoying when a girl sulks and pouts about something you maybe did wrong, without bringing it up. I don't know whether they like to torture you or see if you can figure it out for yourself but it's a lot better for everyone if you just spit it out.

Aisling: "There's nothing worse than when he texts back "OK" after we've had a long emotional conversation or argument."

I definitely know where Aisling is coming from here. I don't think there's ever a time when just "OK" or even worse, "K", is an acceptable end to a conversation. It just shows a lack of compassion and understanding if all you can muster is 3 measly pushes of a button on your phone - "O", "K" and "Send."

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