18 Signs You've Abandoned Your Culchie Ways Since Moving To Dublin

18 Signs You've Abandoned Your Culchie Ways Since Moving To Dublin

The ritual of moving to Dublin is a process that most of us will go through at some stage of our lives. Be it for work, college or maybe you simply like living in the big smoke the big upheaval is bound to have some consequences.

Here are the 18 signs that you've abandoned your culchie ways since moving to Dublin.

1. You only wear wellies half of the time

For shame.

2. Coffee has replaced tea

Your mother would disown you if she found out.


3. You've replaced the chicken fillet roll with a Burrito

Cop onto yourself. It was far from Boojum you were reared!

4. Gin has replaced the humble pint

You fool, you've fallen for the gin conspiracy!

5. You've sacrificed your bootcut jeans for skinny jeans


Gotta fit in with the crowd. Don't forget your v-neck.

6. You're not listening the death notices nearly as much as you used to

Did you not hear the news?

7. 'Do you have road frontage?' is no longer the first thing you say to someone you meet for the first time

Because nine times out of ten they don't.

8. You go to a different pub/club every night


Gone are the days of going to the only pub/club in town. Now you have so much choice, so much for being  a loyal customer.

9. You haven't had Bacon and Cabbage in over a month

10. You haven't saluted someone you don't know when you drove past them in your car.


11. You don't know anything about your neighbours

You used to know all the goings on of the community. But now? You wouldn't know your next door neighbours' name.

12. You don't talk nearly as much about the weather

City slickers don't seem to be as enthusiastic about the weather as us rustic folk.

13. You spend more than €12 on a haircut


€25 quid? For a haircut? That's it I'm buying a razor.

14. You don't pause for the Angelus

15. You don't bless yourself when you pass a graveyard.

16. You don't know your parish priest


17. You don't carry around your hurl anymore

But you should, lest an unscrupulous jackeen appear.

18. You've thrown all your check shirts in the bin

You wore them once and were laughed out of every establishment. It's solid colours all the way now.

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Eoin Lyons

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