Vegans Rejoice: Non-Dairy Ben And Jerry's Is Here

Vegans Rejoice: Non-Dairy Ben And Jerry's Is Here

Although some of you might think this is pure notions, Irish people, especially your lactose intolerant and vegan friends, have been waiting for their dairy free Ben and Jerry's for centuries! Well, since it was introduced in the States anyway.

The ice cream powerhouse has created not just one, but THREE, new non-diary flavours for you to indulge on *shimmy to the left, shimmy to the right*. You can get your hands on Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Chunky Monkey, and Peanut Butter & Cookies.

Don't worry vegan friends, the new flavours are 100% vegan-friendly. The new flavours don't include any animal products - yes folks, no dairy, honey, or eggs of any kind. What replaces all that diary I hear you say? The new B & J is formulated using almond milk, which is the closest texture to the dairy kind and B & J found that almond milk worked the best with their brownies, nuts, and chocolate.


There's no word yet whether or not they'll be giving non-diary fans options of the original B & J flavours but here's hoping. You can get your hands on a pint of non-diary deliciousness when it's released on September 20th.

Vegans, start queuing now.

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Garret Farrell

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