Day Drinking: The Best Games For Summer Sessions

It's SUMMER, which makes day drinking so much more acceptable and way more fun. There's nothing like sitting back in the garden and having a few beers with your favourites... But when the conversation goes dry - it's great to have some party games to keep things alive (i.e people awake). Games are also a fantastic way of flirting, just make sure you don't let that competitive streak take over and throw a beer in your crushes face. So very not cool. Here are 16 of the best drinking games ever.

1) Flip Cup

You will need beer, a long table, plastic cups, and at least 6 people. You divide everyone up evenly into two teams. The maximum per team should be about 5 or 6 people. If you have more than 10 or 12 people, create several different teams and have a tournament.

The two teams line up on opposite sides of the table. Everyone gets a cup and a beer. Fill the bottom of your cup with about two shots beer. The people at the far end of the table start. Someone says go, and you chug the cup of beer. When you're finished, you have to flip your cup before the next person can go.

You flip your cup by placing it on the edge of the table, right side up, half of the cup off the table. Then you put your fingers under the part hanging off the table, and flip the cup so that it ends up upside down on the table. This gets harder as the game goes on and you get a tad more drunk.

When you've completed this, the next person goes, and does the same thing. The first team to have all players drink and flip their cups wins. They then get one point. You can play to whatever number you want to, or you know, when someone falls over.


2) Edward Beerhands

This should be reserved for the person who either loses multiple games, breaks multiple house rule or simple is just pissing you off and needs to be punished.

Like Edwards Scissorhands himself, you need to be totally incapacitated and completely lose hand function altogether. Using duct tape, attach a bottle to each hand. Having done this, you won’t be able to use light switches, put clothes on or go to the bathroom. The only way to remove them is to turn the bottle upside down on your head (the amount of liquid in the bottle is up to your tormenters). This is especially entertaining if someone needs to break the seal early, or gets an urgent phonecall.

4) Avalanche/Waterfall

One of the best drinking games to play when you have a big crowd of people is Avalanche, purely for it’s simplicity. You gather in a circle, or line up beside each other, and pick someone to be the Start and someone to be the End. Everyone begins drinking at the same time, but no one is allowed to stop drinking first except the person at the Start. Once he stops, the person beside him is allowed stop. And so on. The person at the End is always the last to stop. You can drink for as long as you like, after you’re ‘allowed’ to stop drinking, which can put serious pressure on people at the End!


5) Choo-Choo

This is a wonderfully simple (and bloody ridiculous) game to play with your mates, especially when you’re not really bothered setting up a complicated game. The very simple rule is that every time you laugh, you need to pump your arms back and forth, like a train. If you forget or are laughing too hard to do it, you down your drink.

6) Irish Quarters

Unlike American quarters, where the object is to drop a quarter into someone else’s drink, this involves significantly more skill. The object of the game is to spin the coin, drink some beer, top your glass back up and then grab the coin before it stops spinning. After that, they pass the coin to the next person. Anyone who fails in this task is forced to try again.


7) Flip, Sip And Strip

This involves lots of beer and nudity. Needless to say, a mix of guys and girls is preferred! All you need is a coin and lots of alcohol. Toss it in the air and guess heads or tails. If you guess right, you pass the coin on. If you guess wrong, you must either take a drink or remove an item of clothing. The one catch is that you can’t drink twice. The game ends when you either run out of alcohol, clothes or nerve.

8) Power Hour

This is a very simple game in which you drink 60 shots of beer in an hour. You’ll need about 6 bottles per person. An added bonus to this game is that you can give yourself an hour long playlist, so you know to drink as soon as the song changes. Websites like 8tracks provide playlists like this.


9) Medusa

To play this game, you need a lot of alcohol. Place about 20 shots, or drinks, in the middle of the table. Everyone puts their heads down and on the count of three looks up at another player. If two people find that they are looking at each other, they both must yell “ Medusa” and race to down a shot first. The last to finish their shot must take another. If more than one pair yells Medusa, that’s fine. Same rules apply: the last of the four to finish their shot must drink two shots. Keep playing until there are no more shots. Then play again if you want. This game is best if you have six or more players.

10. Most Likely

Everyone sits in a circle and one player asks a “most likely” question, like “Who would be most likely to accost Channing Tatum in public?” or “Who would be most likely to eat someone else’s sandwich?” On the count of three, everyone points to whoever they think would be most likely to do whatever act was mentioned. You have to take a drink for every person who’s pointing at you (so if seven people think you’d accost Channing Tatum, you have to take seven drinks).


11. Straight Face

All players write sentences on small pieces of paper. What kind of sentences? Ones that are ridiculous or inappropriate; ones that anyone would struggle to read (or hear) while keeping a straight face. One at a time, each player will choose a slip of paper and attempt to read whatever is written on it without giggling or cracking a smile. If they fail, they have to drink.

12. Drunken Artists

In this version of Pictionary, being bad at drawing will get you drunk. Players take turns being the timer and being the artist. At the beginning of each round, the timer will whisper a word to the artist and start the clock. As the artist draws the word on a large pad of paper, the rest of the players shout out what they think the picture is supposed to be. After someone guesses correctly, the timer looks at how many seconds have passed. The artist has to take a drink for every 20 seconds that went by before someone figured out what they were drawing. For example: If 1 minute and 40 seconds elapsed, they’d have to take five gulps of their drink. If the artwork is so indiscernible that the group just gives up trying to guess, the artist has to take a shot.

13. Sip Sip Shot

An adult version of Duck Duck Goose. Everyone sits in a circle and one player goes around bopping people on the head, telling them to “sip.” Each bopped person takes a sip of their drink until the bopper chooses someone to say “shot” to. The shot person has to leap up, chase the bopper around the circle, and try to tag them. If they succeed, they take over as bopper; if they do *not* succeed, they have to take a shot.


14. I’m Going To The Bar

Did you ever play the game I’m Going on a Picnic? This is like that…only with drinks. The first person begins by saying, “I’m going to the bar and I need to get a mojito” (or any other alcoholic beverage). After that, the ensuing players repeat the drink that the previous players said… but add another drink to the list as well.

Here’s an example of what you’d have to say a few rounds in: “I’m going to the bar and I need to get a mojito, a tequila shot, a gin and tonic, and a hot toddy.” You keep going and going until someone messes up; whoever messes up first takes a shot.

15. Cereal Box Game

Put an empty cereal box on the ground and have everyone stand in a circle around it. One by one, each player has to lean over and pick up the box using their mouth. You can *not* use your hands in any way (for grabbing the box or for balancing purposes). If you can’t pick up the box, you have to drink.

After everyone makes an attempt, it’s on to round two! Someone tears an inch off the top of the box and each player tries again. Round three? Another inch is trimmed off. Round four? You get the picture. This keeps going and going until all that’s left of the box is the very bottom.

16. True or False Storytime

Everyone writes down various nouns on pieces of paper. When it’s your turn, you select a piece, and roll the dice (not letting anyone see what number you rolled). If you roll an even number, you need to tell a true story from your life involving whatever was written on the piece of paper. If you roll an odd number, you make a story up.

For example: If the piece of paper said “mosquito” and you rolled a two, you could tell that story about the time a mosquito bit you on your nipple while you were camping; if you rolled a three, you’d make up a story about a mosquito flying up your nose while you were kissing your boyfriend. Everyone listens to your story and guesses if it’s true or false. If they’re wrong, *they* drink; if they’re right, *you* drink (one gulp for every person who guesses correctly).

16. "If You Know What I Mean"

If you’ve ever watched Whose Line Is It Anyway, you’ve probably seen a version of this game that doesn’t involve drinking. Two people are given a scene or situation (for instance, you’re at a restaurant) and they go back and forth trading remarks ending with the phrase “if you know what I mean.” Whoever runs out of vaguely sexual-sounding phrases first has to drink. Michael Scott would love this game.


17. Attached at the Hip

This game will bring you closer together — literally. Elbows, ears, butts, pinkie fingers: Write body parts on slips of paper and place them in a pile. All the players break up into pairs and each duo is assigned a body part. Everyone must stay “attached” to their partner by that body part for as long as they can; every time someone separates, they have to take a shot.

10) Beer Pong

And so we arrive at the king of all drinking games. Beer Pong. Two teams, ten cups on each side of the table arranged in a pyramid formation.

Each team has two people who take it in turns to throw a ping pong ball into one of the opposing teams cups. If the cup goes in, the opponent drinks from the sunken cup... And so on. This continues until there are no cups left.

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