The Difference Between Good Friends And Best Friends

Out of all the friends you have in your life right now, you're obviously going to be closer with some of them then you are with others. And the closer you are with someone, the greater the differences are in your friendship with them as opposed to what you have with some of your other friends. Here are some of the main differences.

Greeting Each Other

Good Friend: "Hi, how are you?"

Best Friend: "You're a dickhead."




Good Friend: Goes back to their own house for dinner.

Best Friend: Gets fed by your parents more than they do their own.



Good Friend: Has never seen you naked.


Best Friend: Has seen you naked more times than you'll admit to anyone.




Good Friend: Might borrow one or two things but will give them straight back.

Best Friend: A pair of your trousers and a couple of your t shirts have been in their house for about two years at this stage.




Private Jokes

Good Friend: Might have one. Maybe two. Usually shared with a couple of other people as well.

Best Friend: Too many to count, and they've been going for so long they barely even make sense to the two of you, let alone anyone else.



Other Halves

Good Friend: Will be polite and welcoming.

Best Friend: Is a true judge of whether they're good for you or not.



Owing Each Other Money

Good Friend: Might borrow a few quid here and there, but like the clothes, will always return it, and vice versa.

Best Friend: Lost count long ago because it's bound to even itself out eventually.



Awkward Conversations/Silences


Good Friend: Some things you just don't talk about with each other, and might have an awkward silence if one of you does accidentally bring up one of them.

Best Friend: No such thing.



Good Friend: Knows how you like your tea.


Best Friend: Tells you to make it yourself.



Good Friend: Might do a shot with you at the bar.

Best Friend: Blatantly steals your drink and tells you when they're doing it.




Your Kitchen

Good Friend: Asks politely if they can have something to eat or need a piece of cutlery or something.

Best Friend: Have absolutely no problem raiding it whenever they please.



Looking After You If You're Too Drunk

Good Friend: Will look after you and be very considerate, looking after your phone and holding your hair etc.

Best Friend: Pretty much the same, with the only difference being the constant stream of abuse they give you during it.




Good Friend: Would be pretty awkward, unless there's a few drinks involved.

Best Friend: Inevitable.


(For Guys) Crossing Streams


Good Friend: Never.

Best Friend: Happens more than either of you would care to admit.



(For Girls) Feeling Each Other's Boobs

Good Friend: Never.

Best Friend: Happens more than either of you would care to admit.

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