New Dating App Lets You Rate Your Date And We're a Bit Freaked

New Dating App Lets You Rate Your Date And We're a Bit Freaked

Between sussing out photos, scrutinising bios (swipe left for quotes) and having a nosy at social media pages, online dating is a strategic business.

Even after we do all of the above in advance of going out with someone, we can be in for a shock when we meet them for a first date.

That's where the Do I Date app might come in handy. After you've been on a date, you can rate and review it, just to give everyone a heads up about what kind of experience you've had.


The Do I Date site says:

  • Review and share past dating experiences, good or bad, for the benefit of others.
  • Review any friends searching for a mate, who you think will make great dates for our Do I Date community to discover.
  • Find out more about those new potential dates, you are about to meet.

Now the site says the reviews are all private and in the strictest of confidence but we're not sure exactly how we feel about it. Would someone actually review you if they've had a good date? Wouldn't a second date just be arranged?

And whatever your date has to say about you, good or bad, we're not sure about strangers reviewing us online. What if a person you know, who is also on the dating site, reads a bad review about you?! Best behaviour lads, best behaviour.

Or maybe you like the idea of being able to suss out someone before you meet up with them? Perhaps you've been on a few dodgy dates before and want to save yourself a bit of time by checking someone out beforehand.

What do you think - would rating and reviewing dates be something you'd be into?

Let us know in the comments.

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