Do you want fries with that? Sh!t Only People With a Part Time Job in College Understand

Often the harsh reality of going to college is having to work a part-time job in order to afford the student lifestyle. No one likes being in debt and not everyone has parents who will pay for everything, or receive a grant or earn a scholarship to do the same. Making your own money is excellent. It gives you independence and makes you feel like an adult before you have to start acting like one. But, like most things in life, juggling college with part-time work can suck.

1. No Weekends.


First and foremost, you will no longer have weekends. Accept that now. You’re done with heading out with your friends and partying all weekend. Sucks to be you. Deal with it. Midweek is your new weekend.

2. No Holidays.


You no longer have holidays. Winter Break is the busiest consumer time. If you're not studying for college you will be working in your part-time job. But at least you'll have enough cash to buy yourself presents...or other people, whatever.

3. F.O.M.O.

Facebook and Twitter are now inescapable vaults of jealousy. You suffer from extreme FOMO, and will stalk every single one of your friends so you can keep up with the gossip in the college canteen on Monday morning.


4. People.

People suck. They just do. It is part of the human condition. No matter where your job is you will have to deal with people, and the worst part of customer service are the customers. You will be blamed for things that are completely outside your control: restaurant out of chicken dish special? Shop out of that size dress? You will never be enough. No matter how hard you try.

5. No Hanging with Friends.


Friends in other colleges ask you to come visit but you can't because you'll have work and even if you don't you'll probably have loads of college assignments to catch up on. Which, depending on your friend, will make them feel like you are making excuses because you don't want to hang out, because if you really loved them you'd make time right?

6. No Social Life.

Your manager will assume that your life outside of work does not exist. Unfortunately, your college professor feels the same way about their lectures. Turns out they are both right because outside of work and college your social life is falling apart.


7. Always Catching up on Sleep.

You will discover that there are more hours in a day that you ever realized. You are the master of all-nighters and timing your naps exactly. Not out of laziness or procrastination; out of sheer necessity. You can fall asleep anywhere, you take opportunities where you can. You constantly look tired and your friends and co-workers constantly remind you of that. Thanks. I'm so happy that you feel like you can be so honest with me.

8. Injuries.


You will return home with injuries and stains all over yourself and you will have no clue where they came from. Muscles will ache and your pride, what you have left of it, falling out your arsehole. Yet you smile through it all.

9. Being a Piggy-Bank.

You are the one among your friends who carries cash. So they will always hit you up for a loan. You didn't mind the first how could you now. You are smashing their faces in in your mind.

10. Is it even worth it?

You constantly question whether or not the job is worth it. It is the most soul destroying, demeaning, belittling experience you will ever have in your entire life. But, then you'll get some great customers who restore your faith in humanity. Plus you're getting paid. Hang in there, you won't be there forever.

Orlaith Costello
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Orlaith is a Creative Writing graduate from NUI Galway. Hailing from the low lying fields of Athenry, or at least what’s left of the low lying fields. She enjoys the internet as a means of living vicariously through others from the safe confines of her own bed. She will initiate a dance off after at least two drinks on any given night out.

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