Mo' Money, Mo' Problems: The Pros and Cons of a Summer Job

The end of year college parties have died down and suddenly it dawns on you that you're broke. Whether you're staying in your student house for the summer or back in the loving arms of your parents, then welcome to the world of being a temporary staff member. It's worth it in the end, but you come to realise how good you had it during term time.

1. It's probably a shit job

You just need something that will keep you busy and funded for three months, so expect to be bottom of the pecking order. Any intentions of climbing up a 'career ladder'? Haha no, 'would you like fries with that?'

2. But you're temporary, so no responsibilities

You're never in danger of getting any duties that require too much effort, opening and closing up? Better leave that to a permanent member of staff. Kick back and enjoy the feeling of the boss not expecting you to be at that staff meeting, completely guilt free. Welcome to doing the bare minimum my friend.

3. Money


Oh god it smells so good. Yes you've been trusted enough to enjoy the grant during term time, but there's something about spending money you've earned that just makes it that much sweeter. And a bit of independence from your parents is always welcome.

4. Missing out on the joys of summer

You're back from a long day at work and check Facebook. 'Oh wow, seems like everyone from your class is on J1, or the beach, or just having a barbecue.' Suddenly you're the person turning up to those summer parties and leaving at midnight because you're up in the morning for work.

5. Not knowing your co workers that long

Friendships at work can help you get through the day, but it's always at the back of your mind that you'll be leaving at the start of September. Enjoy it while you can, and you never know, you might be back.


6. Not knowing your bitch co workers that long

It's not all bad...Seeing that you have another shift with that bitch of a manager is made all the more bearable by the fact that you know you'll be out the door in a couple of months and they'll be stuck in the same job.

7. Sweating

An often forgotten about issue of summer work. Well, you sweat. A lot. For the first time you start to dread the heat wave and going for a safety layer of deodorant has become part of your morning routine. If you're working somewhere with customers nearby, the art of wiping sweat off your face when they can't see it is something to be perfected.

8. Seeing the end on the horizon

The fact is, summer isn't really that long. And while a break from college is great for a while, most students are looking forward to getting back to their student flats around mid July. Start ticking off those days, and know that soon you can actually sleep until midday because your lecturer doesn't give as much of a shit about those 9am starts and this boss does.

Charlotte Reid

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