The Do's and Don'ts Of Pulling Her On The First Meeting

Week after week us lads venture out for nights on the town with one single goal in the back of our minds. We spend hours planning what clothes to wear and perfecting our intricate grooming routines. We try and craft an image to nail that perfect first impression from the bird you're hoping will be across the room hours later eye-fucking you. But how many times have you managed to lure her in with physical attraction, only to find yourself soon after watching her storm off with her mates as you stand there confused and disappointed. You rack your brain for hours after wondering what went wrong. Here's a list of Do's and Don'ts that may come in handy next time you're on the town and talking to a complete stranger, with the hope of closing the deal.

Don't show your hand too early.

It's essential to keep her wondering. A mistake made by many lads is giving clear indication that you plan on trying to kiss her, all to early. As soon as she realises this, you'll be facing a difficult uphill battle as she will naturally assume the upper hand. Hold off as long as possible giving off a friendly vibe. All going well, your patience should maintain her interest as she wonders frantically if you're interested in taking it further or if you're just here for the chat.

Do talk to her friends.

The most important opinion women will consider is that of her best friends. If she possess any element of doubt about you being the suitable lad for her to hook up with, she will automatically look for that subliminal nod of approval from her mates who stand like a little support group in the background. So, it is vital that you impress these girls anyway you can. Include them in genuine conversation and actually listen to what they have to say, instead of locking eyes solely on your target and disregarding everyone else in the vicinity. This will pay dividends when that dreaded moment of doubt creeps into her head.


Don't be cheap.

It sounds superficial and shallow, but if you give any indication that you're one of those cheap ass guys who avoids paying for rounds, you will immediately lose vital brownie points. Chances are, you are one of these guys, what with your under paying part time job or your excessive college expenses. However, you need to keep this under raps. There are ways of doing this, like discretely swaying the situation towards suiting your dangerously low budget; maybe suggest some shots that she's never heard of but you know are perfectly affordable. This may take some pre-night out research(work like this will pay off!)

Do handle your drink.

This is a vital point. Quite possibly one of the things a girl will find least attractive about a lad is seeing him uncontrollably drunk and bringing unnecessary attention upon himself as he jeers loudly at passersby and stumbles into a table full of drinks. So if you've managed to find yourself sharing the company of the girl you were eyeing across the bar, make sure you don't get wasted. Whatever chance you had, regardless of how much she thinks you look like Ryan Gosling, will be gone. Discover what drink suits you well for a night and make sure you stick to it.


Don't talk too much.

A very undesirable trait in someone is the tendency to always talk about themselves and start every sentence on every topic with "I". Do not be this person. You need to display the qualities of someone who is willing and able to listen. Girls adore talking but adore being listened to even more. So regardless of how interested you are in her long tale of how her last boyfriend crushed her heart into a million pieces, at least pretend to be interested. Make solid eye contact and ask appropriate questions. The trust levels between you and this girl you have just met will be boosted immensely by doing this. Don't forget the eye contact.

Do compliment her.

Girls love nothing more than to hear good things about themselves, naturally enough. But there is a wrong and right way of complimenting her. As appealing as you might find her cleavage in that low cut top, usually she won't want to hear about it. Instead, find more friendly areas to remark on such as her eyes or how you think she has a lovely smile. This should go down a treat if executed the right way. Just be careful with it.

So next time your face to face with a girl you've just met and would very much like to tackle, use these points to your advantage lads. You need all the inside information you can get. Play your cards right and you' might just be joined in your taxi home after the club.

Andrew McGinley

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