Double Maths On A Friday: The Best Excuses For Skipping Class Back In School

So it's almost lunch time in school and the thought of having to go back is depressing. If you're really not in the mood you can always skip class and enjoy what is left of the day. It's probably best to do it with some of your friends, so if you get caught it doesn't come down on your head alone. Here are the best excuses for skipping class.

13) You have a double class after break.

Just the thought of a double class makes you shiver, especially when it's near the end of the day. The last thing you want to do is have two back-to-back classes of maths to finish off the day. Your brain won't be able to function properly and you will spend most of your time looking up at the clock waiting for it to end. This is always a solid reason to skip class and go home early from school.

12) You're "sick"

Faking being sick is one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it can't be something common like a cold! You have to act like you're literally dying, otherwise they won't think you're sick enough to miss school. Once you get the all clear,  you can go home, put your feet up and live the high life!


11) If you or your friend has a free house.

I have fond memories of chilling in either my friend's house or mine and skipping class. We usually did nothing, but anything is better than sitting in class bored out of your head! There is always some quality television on during the day or, if all else fails, you can play FIFA with your mates. Nothing beats destroying one of your friends in FIFA and holding the bragging rights for the rest of the week!

10) Because you hate that god damn teacher.

If you have an Irish teacher that you just can't stand it seems like they always target you, then skipping class is a good choice. You know you're going to get abuse off them for not doing the reading, so why bother going in at all?!


9) You didn't do the homework.

This is a perfectly valid reason to skip class. - you might as well save yourself from getting lectured by the teacher! Whether you completely forgot or simply didn't bother, the outcome is always going to be the same. Even if you genuinely  forgot the teacher isn't going to believe you because they have heard it a hundred times before...

8) It's sports day.

If you're not the sporting type, then sports day is the perfect day for you to skip class. Once registration is taken in the morning you're basically free to do whatever you want!. There are so many people around that no one will notice that you have left and who wants to stick around for a medal ceremony anyway?


7) To go to the cinema.

One of the best destinations for skipping class is the cinema! Even if the film is a load of garbage, anything is better than sitting in class bored out of your mind. If you're really smart you can sneak in and go to whatever movie you want... Not that we support that idea (ahem)!

 6) Your girlfriend/boyfriend is skipping class.

There isn't a better reason to skip class then if your boyfriend or girlfriend is already doing it! You will get to know them better when it's just the two of you alone, rather than just being with each other at school. Also, I can think of many more things the two of you can do alone, that you can't at school!


5) You're falling asleep in class.

If it's just one of those awful days where you're wrecked from playing Xbox the night before, then maybe it's a good idea you take the day off to catch up on some of your beauty sleep! Hey, I'm not judging you - we've all been there! You will probably get caught taking a nap in class so it's better if you do it when you're at home.

4) You're just not in the mood for school.

We all have those days where it seems like everything is going wrong for you. When you get older you can't just take a day off workso live it up now while you're young skip class while you still have the chance!


3) If everyone is going on a school trip.

You don't have to go on school trips and it's actually the perfect opportunity to stay at home or go on an adventure with your friends. This is especially true when it's just a lame school trip to a museum and nobody wants to go in the first place! It's even worse when it's meant to be "educational" - I thought the whole point of going on a trip is to get away from school?

2) It's snowing outside.

Snow in Ireland is a bit of a rare occurrence so whenever we get some, we always make the most it! Most teachers won't even make it into school anyway because the roads are so bad. It's a great chance to skip class and enjoy the snow, just don't throw a snowball at a teacher's car if you see them... I made that mistake once!

1) You have mastered "the note" from your parents.

There are some people who just have the gift of writing a really believable note or forging your parent's signature! If you get really good at fooling your teacher, you can pretty much skip class whenever you want to. Make sure you don't do it all the time because then they will start to get suspicious!

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