10 Memes That Describe Every Night Out

10 Memes That Describe Every Night Out

The weekend is just around the corner and with this glorious weather we're expecting to have sore heads on Sunday morning.

Nights out require three things 1) stamina, 2), the courage of conviction and 3) the ability to chug, but all those things get thrown out the wind by the end of the night. Here are just ten memes that define every night out:

1. When you try and take a selfie after three shots

2. When you promise yourself a 'quiet night in'

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3. The drunk friendships you make and their names you won't remember

4. When you and your best friend end the night raiding your kitchen presses:


5. Drunk dialing someone and ruining your life

6. When you fall for the 16th time:


7. When you're trying to pretend you didn't spend the last 48 hours awake

8. When you drunk text your crush or ex and prepare yourself for the restraining order:

9. Thinking about every possible thing


10. And in the end realising this is the reality of your life:

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