8 Things Girls Do/Say in Order to Avoid Kissing Guys in Clubs

It's harsh but true. Sometimes girls lie or do mean things to get away from guys in clubs because it's easier than just saying, "No."

1) Make up a boyfriend

Well, it’s kinder than outright rejection!  Some guys respond with questions like, “What’s his name?” or “Where is your boyfriend tonight?”  These guys clearly can’t take a hint.  If you’re going to use this excuse, prepare an extended biography for your fictional boyfriend in order to stop him from asking any further questions.  Say his name is Fabio and he’s a Brazilian cage-fighter.  Yeah.  That’ll do the trick.

2) “I’m sick” *coughcough*

Pretend to be sick- so sick that if you kiss this guy, his tonsils will blow up and choke him to death.  Really, you’re doing him a favour by not kissing him...


3) Pretend to be a lesbian

Some guys won’t believe you.  Others will ask you to score your girl best friend who is standing beside you.  Under no circumstances will you acquiesce in this request.

4)  “I just broke up with someone.”

MAGIC.  USE YOUR SADNESS AS A REPELLANT.  It’s a classic “it’s not you, it’s me” situation.  Really, they can’t be offended.


5) “My friend needs me!”

Oh my, have you just spotted your BFF stumbling out of a bathroom or falling down the stairs?  Sorry lads, but us girls gotta stick together.  We’ll be seeing you later.

6) The bathroom break

If he’s been following you around the past hour and he’s still not showing any signs of going away, go to the bathroom and wait.  And wait.  And wait.  Until finally… he’ll be gone.


7) The best friend/boyfriend

Have your best guy/gay friend appear out of nowhere and strategically climb on top of him.

8) The Jenna Marbles.

No words.  Only this ->

Sorry guys.  Truly, we are….

Caroline McEvoy
Article written by
As an English Literature graduate from UCD, Caroline is now doing her Masters in Broadcast Literacy in Belfast. A lover of both the Northern Irish and Irish capitals, Caroline spends most of her spare time flitting back and forth between the two, and flâneuring about the shops.

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