A Girl's Essential Survival Guide To A Weekend Festival

Everyone should go to a music festival at least once in their lives. There's nothing quite like dancing around in the mud and it being perfectly acceptable to wear a tiara and stinking to the high heavens. If you're a festival virgin it can be really hard to know whats actually important to bring and whats not because you have to remember that you could be lugging that rucksack around for an incredibly long time before you find a suitable place to call home for three days.

We see people like Kate Moss and Alexa Chung looking like Mother Nature gave birth to them herself, however, unless you bought a luxury camping ticket and you are able to have about ten outfit changes then don't buy into that this is how festival chic goes down. Yes there will be some 'un-naturals' who look like they jumped off the cover of Vogue, but we just don't speak about them. Festivals are all about being as minimal as possible.


No late night festival campsite session is complete without a nice compact set of speakers so that everyone can keep the party going well into the early morning after all the other music has been switched off.

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Have a pair of wellies at the ready. You are not at a festival in the Bahamas, it is going to rain, so just be prepared!


Sunglasses are really important because not only can they block out the sun they can also  hide your puffy, tired eyes on the last day!


Poncho/Rain Jacket

When else are you going to get away with wearing a poncho? They protect you and you also have a little space under them to keep your drink dry too!

Bin Bag of Clothes

Your rucksack may or may not be waterproof so don't wait and find out and keep all your clothes in a bin bag inside your rucksack. Have a second bin bag with a  spare change of clothes for travelling home. Have your comfiest sweat pants at the ready for the dreaded journey.


Bring ALL the Socks and Underwear that You Can Physically Carry

If there's one thing I never scrimp on its my delicates. There is nothing worse then having to wear wet underwear or socks, have a tonne to spare and put them in a few different places just in case

Have a Comfy Jumper

It gets really cold at night so have one jumper that you keep in your sleeping back at all times for when you're going to sleep.


A Hat

I know of no one who actually uses showers at festivals so have a  hat at the ready for when your hair turns rotten! I usually curl my hair on the day I'm going so then it won't look as greasy and it can gradually go wavy. Simple Rule for me is Day 1, hair down. Day 2, plaits, Day 3, Hat/ head scarf or the biggest flower hairband you have to hide the fact you could fry sausages on your head.


Dry Shampoo

It will help keep your hair fresh for a little while longer


Baby Wipes

They help you feel somewhat clean after a day of jumping in mud and you can take off your make-up easily.




This is probably the longest time that you've been out in the elements so have some moisturiser at the ready. Don't buy the most expensive one in the shop, buy a cheap travel size one which will help minimise on space.


Pocket Mirror/ Hairbrush

You will be surprised at how long you can go without looking at your face but you will regret trying to use your phone as a mirror and having a Bridget Jones moment with your bronzer.


Roll On Deodorant/ Wipes

Don't bring sprays as you will suffocate yourself in your tent and this way you can do your bit for the environment.

Sun Lotion

You never know what the weather will be like so brace yourself for all the elements.


Toilet Roll

After the first hour of a festival, all the toilet roll will be gone so cover yourself and always have some in your bag.

Plasters/ Blister Packs

Your delicate feet might not be used to wellies so make sure you have some at the ready. Nothing can ruin your festival quite like having to limp from stage to stage.


Hand Sanitizer

You will see some hideous sites. Protect yourself.

Face Mist Spray

It's not an essential but there's nothing as refreshing after waking up in the sauna that is your tent and making your face feel like you just stuck it in the freezer.


Sinus Spray

For those who suffer from hay fever, you will be in a field for three days. Be prepared.


Even though I couldn't think of anything worse, whatever floats your boat.


BB Cream

BB Cream is really good because it's lighter then a really heavy foundation and it won't start to cake on your face.

Lip Balm

Your lips may get really chapped if the weather is really bad or if you're dehydrated so carry a lip balm with a good SPF!



A highlighter will instantly brighten up your face and after three days on the beer your skin might need some extra help.



Have a relatively cheap primer handy so your makeup will last a bit longer throughout the day.


Basic Tips

Don't Get Too Comfy 

It can be really easy to just stay in your tent for the whole weekend drinking but don't because you will regret it! Get up and see whatever bands you want and get your moneys worth!



Take It Handy 

It's a whole weekend so don't go crazy the first night or you won't last!

Make Friends

Make friends around your tent, don't just stick to each other.


Bring Water and Snacks 

Don't let yourself get dehydrated and save yourself some money with snacks but remember that you have to carry your bag around with you so don't over load it.

Cigarette Tin

If you're a smoker there's nothing worse then your cigarettes getting absolutely soaked so buy a tin for them.



Bronagh Flynn
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An English major in the University of Limerick. This country bumpkin may claim she spends her days reading 'War and Peace', contemplating life when in fact she is re-watching episodes of Girls in her quest to becoming a somewhat respectable member of society. An old man at heart, she loves a whiskey on the rocks and over packed clubs give her nightmares.

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