Even Numbers & Perfect Edges: 21 Signs You Suffer From OCD

We all know the types. That one person who can't leave the room without making sure all the plugs are switched off, or who constantly frets that they've left the door unlocked. Maybe you even think you're starting to show some minor OCD tendencies. If so, have a look at this list and find out for sure. If you dare, that is.....

1) You have a morning routine and anything other than doing exactly that, ruins your entire day.

Wake up, check Facebook on your phone, go to the bathroom, brush your hair, have breakfast and do your make-up. If even one of these things is done in the wrong order, you panic and automatically your day has gone to shit. How do I even tie my shoes anyway?

2) You have to put the volume of the TV on even numbers.

With the exception of fives and tens, of course. 25 is fine, 40 is fine, 58 is fine. But 33? Fuck no. Get that shit off my screen IMMEDIATELY.

3) You count the number of steps you're taking.

And every step you take with your right foot has to be an even number. If it isn't, you're gonna have to hop on one leg until it's all balanced out again.

4) And you definitely can't step on the cracks.

This isn't even a superstitious thing. You just can't touch those damn cracks in the pavement. It feels too weird and uncomfortable.

5) Folding paper in perfect symmetry is a life goal.

There really is no better feeling for a person with OCD than folding a sheet of paper and all the edges end up matching evenly. Winning at life, that's me.

6) Being at least 10 minutes early to everything is standard.

Oh my God, work starts in an hour and a half, why am I not ready to go yet?!

7) You put certain things in certain places on your desk.

Or next to your bed, or in the car, or in your bag. This is a necessity. What if there's an emergency and you need your stapler, but someone moved it from its usual position? *CRISIS POINT REACHED*

8) Other people's houses never meet your cleanliness expectations.

Is that...dust? Are you serious right now? How could you even bring me in here? Fetch me the hoover right away.

9) You press CTRL+C five times just to be sure.

What if the computer glitched and didn't copy what I wanted? Then I'd have to delete everything that was pasted and go back and start again. How could I let that happen? *Shudders*

10) You keep everything.

That cinema ticket from last weekend? Kept. Your receipt for the Fanta you bought in Tesco yesterday (that you can't take back anyway 'cause you drank it?) Kept. I think you get the picture.

11) When you're working on the cash desk, you put all the notes facing the same way.

For no particular reason other than it just makes you happy.

12) People have actually told you that you think about things "way too much".

They just don't understand you. But it's okay, we do. And we have cookies. Come to the dark side...

13) You eat your food in a particular order.

You start on the left-hand side of your plate and continue clockwise. You can't just grab at everything on the plate, that would be way too messy.

14) You wash your hands at least eleven times a day.

And that's not including when you've used the toilet....

15) To-do lists are essential.

Because how else would you get through the day?

16) When you're taking down notes and the lecturer goes to the next slide, but you weren't finished and now it's gone forever.

You freak out so much about the fact that you're mid-sentence, and now you're expected to take down a new sentence but you don't even know how much space to leave for the mid-sentence sentence and UGH.

17) You plan things to death.

Possibly one of the worst examples I have is when I made an itinerary for a holiday with my girlfriend and I literally planned every single minute of the trip. I don't know why she doesn't hate me, to be honest..

18) Needing the radio frequency to be exactly right so there are no fuzzy sounds.

A pretty normal tendency, but an obsessive one nonetheless.

19) You stress over having too many tabs open on your laptop/phone at the one time.

It just stresses you out. There's too much going on. MAKE IT STOP.

20) Texting more than two people at the same time sends you into panic mode.

What if I send the wrong text to one of them? What if I forget to text the other one back? Why are they both replying at the same time?!

21) Correcting people's grammar mistakes are a must.

Seriously though, how did you actually make it to college without knowing the difference between "your" and "you're"? Go home.

Olivia Dawson
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Olivia is a Journalism and New Media student at the University of Limerick. As well as writing for College Times, she is also a contributor with and After college Olivia hopes to write feature articles and/or opinion pieces for a New York magazine, from a penthouse suite in Manhattan, earning a six-figure annual salary. She's also known for being slightly over-ambitious.

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