14 Experiences You've Shared With Your First Car

Learning to drive is a momentous part of everyone's life, as an article we posted last week paid testament to. And there's only one thing that you share the entire experience with; your first car. And once you do eventually learn to drive, there's plenty of experiences you share with it as well.

Arguments With Your Parents

Actually learning to drive is a stressful experience for everyone concerned, including your parents, who sometimes can't grasp how difficult it is to find the stupid bite point.

Your Driving Test

And whatever about the stress of learning to drive, the actual driving test is a completely different ball game. Anyone who says they didn't need a shower after their first driving test is a liar.



Your 2nd/3rd/4th/ Driving Test

This of course only applies to the people, like me, who did not pass their test first time. Those of you who did pass first time, are lucky bastards.


Your First Garda Checkpoint


Yet another sweaty experience, even if you are fully insured and taxed and have all the necessary paperwork. Obviously the less of the paperwork that you have, the sweatier this particular experience becomes.


Your First Speedtrap

Again unless you're speeding there's nothing to worry about, but it still doesn't stop you having your eyes glued to your speedometer, which as it happens is probably more dangerous than if you were speeding.



McDonald's Drive-Thru

Whether it be a 2am craving or the cure the day after a heavy session after getting the food, you park in the McDonald's car park and eat the food before going anywhere else.


Your First Road Trip


Any trip which takes longer than 45 mins to somewhere you wouldn't usually go counts as your first road trip. It could be anything from driving to the other side of the country for a weekend camping trip, to a drive to the beach for sand castles and ice-cream.


Going To A Festival

Convenient and all as the buses for some festivals might be, lugging your bag, your drink and your tent along with you as you get on and off them is not the easiest thing ever done, and sometimes requires both superhuman strength and balance at the same time. Driving a car to the same festival, on the other hand, requires none of this. Just be sure to avoid the temptation of bringing unnecessary stuff just because you have room.



Sleeping In It

This is usually only a last resort, when you're at a house party and there's no beds or couches left, or you don't have enough money to stay in the campsite at the end of your road trip. You could do worse things than figuring out the most comfortable way to sleep in your car.


Getting Lucky


The most important thing to remember if you ever do manage to get lucky is to park somewhere guaranteed not to have anyone passing by. Unless you're into exhibitionism. I'm not here to judge.


Your First Crash

Most people's first crash is usually only as serious as crashing into their own wall as they reverse out of their driveway, but in any case, just remember that as long as everyone's okay, car parts can be replaced, so don't stress too much about it.



Getting Your Friends To Smoke Out The Window

This is only relevant if, again like me, you are insured on one of your parent's cars. They were pretty annoyed about the smell of McDonald's left behind by the Drive-Thru, so you don't wanna make it any worse by adding stale smoke to the equation.


Being The Designated Driver


You this for your friends because you know one day they will be happy to return the favour. At least you think they will.


Cleaning Up The Day After Being The Designated Driver

Just pray that it's only beer stains, cans and bottles that you have to clean up, and that if anyone did need to vomit, they gave you sufficient warning so that you could pull over.


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David has the most relevant qualifications of all of the writers at CollegeTimes, having just completed 3 years of an Electrical Engineering degree in UCD.

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