Forget 'The Dress'- Can You Crack This New Optical Illusion?

BBC Earth has sent the Internet into a frenzy with this new optical illusion featuring a whole load of zebra's and with apparently, a mystery animal hidden amongst them. Fans of the site were left seriously frustrated and confused trying to find a lone badger in the midst of the creatures.


This optical illusion is just the latest in a long line to be sending people directly  to Google for answers, from the dress to the brick wall with the sneaky cigar hidden in it... what will be next?




Give this a go and try not to seek out the answer before having a really hard look at the picture! Let us know what you think and if you found it... Good luck! (The answer can be found below the video)


Video: 7 Best Optical Illusions of All Time


Credit: ILoveLists


Here he is...

College Times Staff

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