9 Moments From Galway's Rag Week We Can All Relate To

9 Moments From Galway's Rag Week We Can All Relate To

The unofficial NUIG and GMIT Rag Week is as popular as ever and has become a right of passage for students living in Galway. Here's a snippet of what happened on Donegal Tuesday and over the course of Rag Week and we can relate to them all:

1. As usual, the queue for the Hole in The Wall was a party in itself as any queue for a nightclub generally is:

2. Some students got the formula of rag week down to a tee and it might be more important than the Pythagoras theorem:


3. You realise you're actually too broke to be even at 'Donegal Tuesday' but you'll continue, whatever life throws in your way:

4. Turning up wearing the wrong outfit is something we've all experienced at least once:



5. It's gotten so wild they've had to hire bouncers at Supermacs but its inspired Irish television:


6. And it could be because of the absolute stupidity we all possess after a few too many:

7. Those nights out when you and your mates try and convince everyone your from American but nobodys fooled:


8. There's always someone trying to keep it classy:


9. And we can all relate to this tweet:


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