Get Your Gait Analysed At Lifestyle Sports And Dramatically Improve Your Running Technique

Coming from someone who has been trying to get into running for a long time but just have never been comfortable doing it, this was the best thing I could have asked for.

Life Style Sports is offering customers a free Gait Analysis service which provides runners with an essential insight into their individual running styles. The results shown from the Gait Analysis service enables the Product Experts to advise customers on the best footwear to suit their foot strike, maximising their performance and minimising the risk of injury.

I went to the Dundrum branch on Saturday and was greeted by a lovely guy called Shane who brought me  over to a hidden little treadmill at the corner. I'm not much of a runner in that I never, ever run, but he assured me it would be only about 15 seconds, and I could choose my own speed. Easy!

After the 15 seconds (a hardcore workout for me), I was able to see on a computer screen exactly where my faults were. My ankle was visibly turning in which was impacting on my knees and even my back.

Shane was incredibly helpful and knew everything there was to know about the right runners for the right people. He explained that generally, there are three types of foot.

Overpronation – This foot type is flat, without any arch. When running the heel lands first but the foot lands more squarely and rolls inwards. This foot arch requires a stability trainer.

Underpronation – This foot type has a high arch between the forefoot and heel. The foot is rigid so it not an effective shock absorber and so requires a cushioning trainer.


Neutral Foot – This foot type has neither a high or low arch. The neutral foot is the easiest to fit for running footwear! People will normal pronation can wear just about any shoe, but may be best suited to a stability shoe that provides moderate support.

He picked out a lovely pair of Nike runners and said that they would be perfect for my feet which were on the overpronation side of things.

I took them out for their maiden voyage last night and I have to say, I felt incredibly light on my feet and has zero pain in my knees which I would often when doing any sort of exercise.

My new runners have given me a real boost and I'm off again tonight for round two. I would strongly recommend going into a Lifestyle sports near you and requesting this free service as so many people are wearing the wrong footwear and it's impacting negatively on their entire body.  Go and see Shane, it's well worth it.


The Gait Analysis service is available in Life Style Sports Dundrum, The Pavillions SC in Swords, Carrickmines Retail Park and Blanchardstown in Dublin, as well as Manor West, in Kerry, Wilton SC in Cork, Childers Road Retail Park in Limerick and the Richmond Centre in Derry/Londonderry. A free Foot Scan service to determine an individual’s foot type is also available in all Life Style Sports stores nationwide.

Kate Breslin

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