Student Hailed A Hero For Telling Stranger About 'Cheating' Boyfriend

Student Hailed A Hero For Telling Stranger About 'Cheating' Boyfriend

Girl power reigns.

Social media is a powerful thing. We tend to know a lot more about people then we really should, particularly some we've never even met. Take this girl, Rebekah for instance - she had the best of intentions when she messaged Jasmine Rios, a classmate who she only knew through Twitter, and told her she believed her boyfriend was cheating.

Rebekah sent Jasmine photos of a guy she recognised to be her boyfriend, being touchy feely with another girl. The message read:

Hey girl, I know we don't know each other, just been mutuals on Twitter for a little bit. I go to UTSA too.

But I recognise [a guy] who I think is your boyfriend in the library from y'all's pictures on here, and he's with a girl and he's being kind of touchy with her.

Our favourite bit? Offering to stand up for Jasmine, Rebekah wrote: 'Tell me if you want me to fight him, I'll be here for awhile.' Legend!

Luckily, it was all just one big misunderstanding as Jasmine was quick to respond that the people in the pictures was actually her boyfriend's identical twin and his girlfriend.

She was so appreciative that Rebekah went to such lengths to help a Sister out, that she shared the messages on Twitter and thanked her.


Jasmine's tweet went viral, with many applauding Rebekah for being an all-round deadly person.


We officially want Rebekah to be our best mate - if she's this loyal to someone she hardly knows, she's a keeper!

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