Hallelujah! Burning Man Festival Is Coming To Europe...

So when you think of Burning Man you imagine desert as far as the eye can see, long haired hippies, thumping music, thousands of people embracing the communal spirit of things- and that massive wooden statue just burning away, right? It's a festival like no other as ANYONE who has been will tell you, at length...



So how about if you were to re imagine it with the same vibe, same sort of people, same general ethos- BUT in the heart of Amsterdam, think tulips, weed and clogs? I joke. But seriously, the Dutch edition of Esquire magazine has announced that a European version of this event will indeed be taking place.



The plan has been supported hugely by the Burning Man community and ripples of excitement are making their way across Europe. The event is named “Where the sheep sleep” and will take place near Amsterdam, from next July 29- 31. Sadly but predictably, it has already sold out. So fingers, toes and everything else crossed that it's a massive success and becomes a yearly event.


 Video: What Happens At BURNING MAN!?


Credit: High On Life

College Times Staff

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