Penneys Released A Chocolate Frog Harry Potter Bag And We Can't Cope

Penneys Released A Chocolate Frog Harry Potter Bag And We Can't Cope

It's not often that the world grants us a magical moment but when it does it's usually thanks to the world of Harry Potter. Not only was it the spells and wands that blew our minds when the books landed on our laps but when we saw the story unfold on screen, we fell in love with the delicacies and specialties of HP.

One of the defining features of the Harry Potter world was its sweets, hello Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. Not only did we all want to visit Honeydukes, but we also needed its crowning glory - the Chocolate Frog.

It was an iconic symbol of the HP universe that's finally got the recognition it deserves thanks to Penneys. Yes, the biggest retailor on the high street has released a Chocolate Frog bag. The octagon shaped bag will be the perfect present for a die-hard fan or as a collector's item:

The Chocolate Frog was introduced to HP world back in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone when Harry lets one slip from his hands after buying a number of sweets from the trolley on the Hogwarts Express. Each Chocolate Frog comes with its own card with each card boasting a different famous wizard or witch.


Other new Harry Potter bits include a Hogwarts sweatshirt, a fluffy Hedwig pyjama set and all the House jumpers:

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