Penneys Is Selling New Disney Pyjamas And We Need Them All

Penneys Is Selling New Disney Pyjamas And We Need Them All

The cold autumn and winter nights that are soon to engulf our lives mean Netflix and cozy pyjamas are making a significant comeback in our lives.

Not only are we excited about new show Maniac on Netflix, but we're also living for Penneys latest Disney pyjama collection.

While we usually wait to ge  pretty PJ sets closer to Christmas, Penneys latest Disney designs are sure to sell out fast so you'd best stock up.

At €12, the PJ collection includes classics Toy Story, The Jungle Book and fan favourite Mickey Mouse. The Penneys Disney nightwear collection with its fleece material and vibrant prints have become a staple for everyone's winter.

Outside the boxes, fans of Disney have spotted the pyjamas in Lady and The Tramp and the classic Bambi print, a Penneys winter classic for the last number of years, back in stock. Throw in a giant hooded Lilo and Stitch jumper and you're sorted for the winter months ahead.



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