Dublin Has Now Overtaken London In Expensive Cities Listing

Dublin Has Now Overtaken London In Expensive Cities Listing

As the race heats up between the world's metropoles as they clamber toward the illustrious title of the most financially inhospitable city in which to live. Well, thanks to the usual trifecta; the triple threat; the Bee Gees of economic hardship - inflation, stagnating wages in real terms and a rapidly expanding property bubble - Dublin is continuing its graceful ascent towards the top of the table.

The Economist Intelligence Unit - which surely can only be a name for a crack team of genius economists who are as knowledgeable of the world of finance as they are, almost certainly ignorant of the touch of a lover - carried out the survey which positioned Dublin as being more expensive than London. These economists have attributed this as being in part due to the Brexit-induced weakening of the sterling, and who I am I to dispute this.

The survey of 133 cities ranked Dublin as the 19th most expensive city and has placed London as the 30th. This marks a significant change in last year's table which saw London coming in at 24th and Dublin at 25th. The rankings are determined by an assessment of some 150 goods such as food, drink and clothing.

If you are simply weighed down by liquid assets and looking to burn some off on extortionate living costs then look no further than Singapore - which is admittedly looking quite far - as has been voted top of the list for the 5th year in a row. Paris and Zurich came joint second, with the rest of the top 10 being filled out by European and Asian cities.


Here's to seeing Ireland climb yet higher through the ranks in 2019 as life in Dublin becomes ever more financially inviable for the majority of its residents.


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Rory McNab

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