How Social Media Has Ruined Humanity

The majority of people are notoriously dumb. But, as an ever evolving species humans are extremely interesting, if also easily distracted. Technology has exponentially driven the world around us forward but for some of us it's dumbed us down to nearly absolutely nothing. Certain celebrities now occupy the pages where the real gruesome truth should be because it's not news, it's now advertising and distracting us at all time. Now I'm not exactly trying to be Noam Chomsky but here's how social media has ruined humanity.

1. People really really like other people to know what they are eating.

My Whatsapp and Instagram feeds have been taken over with food porn (as it's now known). We need to combat this. So what, your food looks nice. It won't in 12 hours when its passed through your digestive system. Even anorexic people are buying food just so they won't fall behind on instagram ....what a waste!

2. The people who are always claiming to never have a minute to themselves have a LOT of time on their hands

The ones who live their lives through social media sometimes don't realise that we can put two and two together. You're always posting about being soooooooooo busy and having nooooooo time on your hands. Well here's an idea, how about all that time you spend posting about having no time you actually use as your free time. In short...get off the internet you sap!


3. The people who claim to be over the moonly ecstatic and happy are generally close to depression

Let's put on a brave front online and only post all the good things about myself. Two things here a) everybody knows you're not that happy and b) stop being so f*cking fake.

4. Most people haven't a clue what is going on most of the time

Some say we are distracted by consumerism which in turn leads to our leaders and politicians being able to do practically whatever they want. We moan about changes and austerity and then when it comes to initiating change half of us don't bother our arses going out to vote. You cannot piss and moan people out of power. And even if you did vote most of you wouldn't know who to vote for as you will have paid no attention to the issues at hand...but who cares because Justin f*cking Beiber got arrested for being a douchebag in Los Angeles and that's more important right!


5. People rarely have their facts right....

One we can all vouch for here in the CT office...some people on the internet will often cause a whole argument under a post when they haven't even read the article.. it really is hilarious reading their misinformed thoughts, but we must remember that these people are massive massive trolls wankers

6. Everyone is now a voyeur...

Yes, you all enjoy creeping on people and knowing what other people are up sicko's ;)


7. People forget to live in the now...

Wallowing in the past and presuming the future will be won't...especially if you spend every waking minute on social media moaning about how shit the present is.

8. People are just not original any more...

Shared content is the new currency online and if you don't do it you get left behind....this forces us all to think in similar ways. Sharing a meme or video is the new water cooler conversation...if you haven't seen it you're getting left behind...but hey, at least you're popular!


9. Once you have left college you are no longer cool...

Unless of course you're in a band...people in bands are cooooool. Except Kodaline..they're not cool...or one direction..they're not a band, they don't play instruments so they're a group and Niall Horan miming playing a guitar doesn't count. "I'm in a group"...nah, doesn't have the same ring to it does it?

10. People really are bad at listening..

It's all me me me... these days you literally have to call the Samaritans to get people to listen to...


11. Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day but give a man a keyboard and the internet and he will cut the back off his own mother..

I speak from personal experience on this and know it to be fact. An internet connection and a laptop makes someone 95% more confident, cynical and cutting edge!

12. Anything and everything can be offensive given the right circumstances

Cultural differences are big differences and people just presume that online is different. Social media and the internet in general gives someone a bigger platform to make their opinions heard. Just remember IT IS  a worldwide audience and what you say in Ireland may not necessarily go down as well in Russia.

13. Popular culture is getting progressively more and more sh!t anecdote, in the words of CollegeTimes' favourite stand up Steve Hughes for some perspective on the modern day world

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Ian Smith
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Ian is a contributing writer for CollegeTimes. He is currently partying his ass off for the Summer having spent the past 7 years at various colleges across the globe. While by no means an athlete, he considers himself a world class darts player... If you tweet him he will not respond.

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