How To Be Better Looking... A Quick Guide For Men

It's the silly season, which means you're going to be out meeting a lot of attractive people this month, obviously it's important to look your best, so we thought we'd give you a little quick fix guide on how to spruce yourself up just in time for some seasonal fun

The Glasses...

A Chinese study analyzing the impact of eyeglass shapes on facial appeal reported that glasses with frames of similar height and width decreased men’s perceived attractiveness. But, it's important to wear the right shape for your head.. If you've got a big head, don't go for small specs...


The Facial Hair


As we explained before, avoiding the extreme growth, or the extreme lack of growth, is the key to getting the ladies... A recent study showed that the perfect level of stubble was about 10 days of growth.

The Emotion

Now according to studies, women love an expression of pride and and outward expression of happiness and confidence rather than neutrality or unhappiness, so ditch the blue steel stares because they aren't making you any more attractive.

And for the people who don't like to / can't read... Here are a few pictures...

H/T Mens Health for the pic...

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