How To Get Over Your Ex Without Looking Like A Stalker

It hasn't been a nice couple of months for you has it? Break-up's aren't the easiest thing but remember we are very young and, I hate to say it, but this wasn't the guy or girl you were going to marry. With the world of Social Media, break-up's have become increasingly more awkward. Changing the relationship status, deleting them as a friend to flirting with their friends on chat. This is all a recipe for disaster. I am no relationship expert, trust me, but from various research and in-depth observations I think this list might help you get over a relationship. If not, I apologize for wasting your time, you must seek further wisdom.

1) Tweak Your Feed

If you are one to creep on their Facebook and constantly see what they're up to, there is only one thing to do. I don't recommend deleteing them on Facebook, after all you don't want them to know you are upset. Reverse psychology and all that. Simply remove them from your newsfeed. Therefore, you are still friends but you don't have to see his status updates, check-in's and photo uploads.

2) Stop Talking To Their Friends

Don't insist on texting, calling and Facebook mailing their friends. Even if you were best friends with them before you were even dating your ex, his friend's loyalty lies with the ex, so, don't expect that to change. If their friends text you, sure right back, you don't want to be petty. But asking them inappropriate questions about your ex girl/boyfriend will not go down well.


3) Don't Go Places You Know They Will Be

If you find out where they are going out one night, try to avoid that place. It will only cause drama and further upset. And, once you both have drinks in you it could be a colossal nightmare. Remember, if either of you get the shift all hell will break loose.

4) Work Out

If you have any suppressed anger, get it out in the gym. Instead of wasting time thinking about him or her, get in shape and take your mind off it. This might not be for everyone, but those happy endorphins could get you a long, long way.


5) Throw Yourself Into College Work

The glorious thing about a break-up is that you have so much time on your hands. Now, that you don't have to meet up with your other half every evening or weekend, you can get your college work in on time. No more slacking and much more academia. Sounds glorious doesn't it?

6) Shift Someone

If you feel you are ready to go out as a proud and confident singleton, let's do this. Don't have anyone in mind because disappointment is the last thing you need. Just relax, and shift where you may. Enjoy!


7) Spend More Time With Your Friends

I'm not saying you didn't spend time with your friends, well actually I am. You weren't the best for balancing everything out. But, now is your time to make up for it. Meet up with your friends more and if no one is going out at the weekend have a group gathering. This is just what you need.

8) Don't Feel Sorry For Yourself

This break-up might be shit for you but don't mellow in self pity. You are better than this, yeah? So, just think of all the much worse things that could happen to you and pull yourself together.


9) Bitch It Out Then Never Speak About It Again

When it first happens you must rally up the troops and talk about it. Bitching if necessary and then vow after the long discussion with your friends never to talk about it again. You have got it out of your system now and you can move on.

10) Do Something You've Been Meaning To Do

Has there been something you've been planning to do for a long time? A sky dive, buy something you've had your eye on or, hell, even going on the viking splash. Just do something you have been thinking about for awhile. It will certainly stop you thinking about the ex.


11) Don't Go Near Their Facebook

No commenting under photos, no liking their photos of them with another guy or girl and no liking Facebook statuses. Avoid your ex's Facebook like the plague. It is not good for you.

12) Cut Off All Contact With Them

It might not be necessary to delete their number. But, if you are one to drunk call and text I recommend getting the Designated Dialer app. The app doesn't let you txt or call certain contacts when drunk. If you aren't inclined to do this you will be fine.


13) Remember The Bad Times

If all else fails remember the bad times. Not exactly the best advice in the world, but if you see them out and you are weak at the knees, snap yourself out of it. Think of the bad times and remember why you broke up.

14) Take Them Off That Pedestal

If you always had them on this pedestal and saw only the good in them, it is time to knock them off. The more you worship them, and think of how great they are, the harder it'll be. Again, like before, just think of the bad times.

Lauren Rol
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Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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