Study Reveals How You Can Double Your Matches On Tinder And Bumble

Study Reveals How You Can Double Your Matches On Tinder And Bumble

If you're single, chances are you've dipped your toe in the murky waters of online dating and lined up a few potential matches from the comfort of your couch. Meeting people in bars seems to be a thing of the past with more and more people joining dating apps in recent years.

Tinder in particular has soared in popularity - currently 200,000 people in Ireland have joined the dating site in the hope of meeting someone, whether it be for a hookup, casual dating or a relationship.

The likes of PlentyOfFish and Bumble are also popular go-to apps. The influx of people doing digital dating might mean plenty more options out there for you but it also means more competition. So when it comes to making sure people swipe right on your picture, you might want to step it up a notch - hey it's dog eat dog out there!


The online dating service Zoosk found that talking about food in your bio will dramatically increase your chances of getting a match. And it seems that people go crazy for certain foods in particular, like guacamole. That's right, mention the good stuff in your bio and your chances of getting a match are increased by 144%.



Here are top five foods to mention in your profile:

Guacamole    144%

Potatoes    101%

Chocolate    100%

Salad    97%

Sushi    93%

When it comes to what foods to steer clear of, sweet potatoes and fried chicken didn't fare too well. When swiping right, who knew mentioning food was a deal breaker? Although it kind of makes senses considering much of a relationship is focused around what you both want to eat.

Zoosk studied 3.7 million dating profiles in total.

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Niamh Burke

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