How to make your party EPIC

So you’re throwing a party. Congratulations. Everything seems to be in order -conditions are right, you’re parents are out, your hipster friend has offered up a keg of his home brewed nameless ale, you’ve a bottle of Smirnoff in the freezer and that cute (over 18) girl from your history class has accepted your Facebook invite. Unfortunately, it takes more than a couple of cans and a BBQ from Tesco to throw an epic party now days. The key to throwing a memorable, tweetable party is making sure you get through the initial ‘awkward’ phase at the start when people, you’re pretty sure you didn’t invite, start arriving.

At this point no amount of 'savage beats' can get you by, because lets face it, dancing in a circle with only 5 other people is a little bit creepy. This is the time to take your event from dinner party to legendary. It’s time to bring out the drinking games. And here, before we start; drink responsibly.

Smokers Box

What you need: pack of smokes, cups, ceiling

The poor mans flip cup! For this game, all you need is a friend with a nicotine addiction. Grab a pack of smokes and have your mates sit around a table with their cups in front of it.  The point of the game is to flip the box over your cup. If the pack touches the rim of your cup, you drink. If the pack lands on the thin side you can pass a drink out to anyone at the table. If the pack lands upright, everyone at the table besides you drinks. The fun part of this game is if you flip the pack over your cup and someone claims it touched the rim, the table can call ‘shenanagans’ and you are then forced to flip the pack off the side of the table hard enough to touch the ceiling and land back on the table. Fail- and you finish your drink!

Beer Pong

 What you need: 12 cups, 2 ping pong balls, long table.


The staple to any American themed party. Beer pong is a wonderful game that involves up to 2 teams throwing ping pong balls across a table into a group of cups organized in a pyramid. When your team gets a ball in one of the opposing teams cups, that team drinks the content and looses their cup, this goes back and forth until one team is out of cups! A great crowd pleaser and a quick way to get your competitive buzz on!


Flip Cup

What you need: Plastic red cups, table

If you’re party has grown, flip cup is a great option to get everyone equally tipsy quick! In this game, teams of equal number line up across a table from each other with half full cups of drink. The two people at the head of the table sing a little chant, clink cups, down their drinks and place their cups at the edge of the table and try to flip it so it lands upside down. When a person successfully lands their cup, the next person in line starts and it goes down the line and then it's a race to the finish! Great team bonding game, your team mates will quickly become either your best friends or your worse enemies.



‘F’ the Dealer

What you need: Pack of cards

All you need for this game is a pack of cards and your wits about you. In this game, players sit in a circle with an appointed dealer and the first player on their left guesses the card value (2 through Ace) of the card on top of the deck. The dealer does a cheeky check and if they guesser is right the dealer drinks 4 drinks (this rarely happens so accept your hit if they manage). If the first guess is wrong, the dealer asks the Higher or Lower, if they guess wrong this time, the player drinks the difference, and on to the next player, if the player is right, the dealer takes a sip! Just remember to rotate your dealer after 3 right guesses!


What you need: Pack of cards, Kings cup

Kings, sometimes referred to as the circle of death, ring of fire or the donut, is among the most debated drinking games around. Everyone seems to have their own opinion on the rules, but we went straight to the most reliable source, as we would with our dissertations, and asked Wikipedia!

Card drawn Title Instruction
Ace waterfall To perform a waterfall, each player starts drinking their beverage at the same time. No player can stop drinking until the player before them stops.
2-6 Red Nominate!! The person who overturns that card must nominate someone to drink that many fingers of their designated beverage. You cannot split nominated digits between players.
2-6 Black Imbibe!! The person who overturns that card must drink that many fingers of their designated beverage.
7 Game of sevens One person in the group starts by saying the number "1". The next person (the person sitting clockwise) says "2", then the next person says "3", and so on and so forth. When a person arrives at a multiple of 5 or 7 (i.e 15), or a number with 5 or 7 in it (i.e. 51), then they keep silent with the game passing to the next person with the next number. The idea of the game is for a person to make a mistake and therefore incurring a forfeit (usually 3 fingers of their beverage). Once play has stopped, play passes to the next player who turns over the next card.
8 Toilet card You are only permitted to use the toilet or leave the room, with one of these cards. It can only be used once and must be placed on the used pile once complete. If a player leaves the room without having 'won' a toilet card, then a penalty forfeit is invoked. Usually, the rest of the beverage would constitute a suitable penalty, however it is upto the rest of the group to decide. A player can purchase a toilet card off of any other player so long as that card remains in play. Usually a forfeit will take place as payment for the toilet card.
9 Names and types The player who drew the 9 picks a category such as countries and their capitals or bands from the '90s, the players then go around in the circle saying items from that category, the first player who can not think of an item or says something not in the category (or if all items have been exhausted) must drink 3 fingers of their beverage.
10 I have never... The first player says a simple statement starting with "I have never....", then adding something that they haven't done but most or all of the group have done. Anyone who has done what the first player has said that haven't done, must drink 4 fingers of their beverage. The idea is that they reveal something funny or humiliating about people around the table. If nobody drinks, then the one who said the particular "I have never..." must drink four fingers of their beverage.
Jack Question Card The player who has revealed the question card must now try and catch out the other players by asking a question. If any other player answers then that person must drink 3 fingers of their beverage for doing so. The only suitable answer to a question card is fuck off. Note that this is the only time a player can swear. (See general rules). If a player does answer in the correct fashion, then the person with the question card must drink four fingers of their beverage.
Queen Toast to the Queen. For the first three Queens, going around the table, every player says a toast to the Queen. On the final Queen, the group toast simultaneously and down their beverages.
King New Rule Create a rule that all the players must obey until another King is drawn and a new rule is made. Please note that no new rule can contravene with any of the General Rules. If a player breaks a rule, they must drink 2 fingers of their beverage.
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