How To Survive Valentine's Day If You Hate It

If generic cards about love, overpriced boxes of chocolates and stupid romantic meals annoy you, join the club. We've compiled a list of wonderful activities that will keep you as far away from all that sappy commercial nonsense as possible. Here are the best ways for us haters to survive Valentine's Day...

Stay Inside and hibernate

It's winter, you can get away with it. Pile a load of blankets against your door and hide.

Watch a horror film

The least likely genre to make you think about love. Ideal.

Avoid Instagram/Facebook


The last thing you want to see is a shitload of flowers, chocolates and gifts that aren't for you.

Find another single/lonely friend and bitch about Valentine's together

Find a friend who isn't going to piss you off at any point during the day and moan about couples. At least the companionship will make you feel less depressed.

Pretend it's 15th February

Just pretend it never happened. It falls on a weekend this year, so no one can force you outside.


Pick another event to celebrate

Yay, it's my sister's half-birthday. This definitely calls for a celebration.

Go to the gym

It'll be empty and there won't be a single couple in sight. Plus, you can burn off calories with your anger and frustration at the world, without having to wait for a treadmill.

Do not go out for dinner

Unless you are dying of hunger and all your local takeaways are closed, DO NOT go out for dinner. You'll have to sit in a romantic restaurant with a special Valentine's menu and you'll want to kill every couple you see. For everyone's sake, don't bother.

Ignore the question "What are you doing on Valentine's Day?"

Make up some elaborate family event you have to attend, so that no one finds out you're lying. Then go about your day as you wish.

Alex Langley
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Alex is a History of Art & Philosophy graduate from the illustrious Trinity College, which makes her a natural fit for College Times. She spends Monday to Friday writing smut and her weekends thinking deeply and History of Arting.

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