How To Survive Your First Day At A New Job

You have got a job, congratulations. It may have taken you some time, or it could have been the first interview you've had, but you got it and there is no way in hell you're losing it now. Especially since the flights for your summer plan of six weeks in Thailand have already been paid for. This is your time to shine and make some decent cash. Whether you are a waitress or a receptionist, a sales assistant or a babysitter, this is your time to save those dolla dolla bills ya. Every job is different but there are cardinal rules you must obey on your first day. Look no further. Here is How To Survive Your First Day At A New Job.

1) Drive Test The Route Beforehand

The last thing you want is to be stressed out before your first day at work. To avoid any hassle, drive a test route the day beforehand so you know exactly where you are going and make sure you can park there. The last thing you need is getting distracted, arriving late and pumping sweat.

2) Google The Company Beforehand

Even though you researched the job a lot before the interview, go over it. Incase they ask you a question regarding it, you don't want to seem stupid. If you have experience in the same field refresh your memory, you don't want to drop a tray of food on the first go.


3) Calm Yourself

Being nervous can sometimes be a good thing, but if you find yourself shaking, take a deep breath and reassess the situation. Just remember it will all be okay and you need to keep your sh*t together.

4) Dress Appropriately


Make sure you know the dress code beforehand and if you don't call up and ask. There is nothing worse than being under or over dressed. Make sure you are clothed for the correct working environment and if there is a uniform stick to it 100%.

5) Embrace Mistakes

If you make a mistake don't beat yourself up about it. It is your first day and these things are bound to happen. Just be honest and understand where you are going wrong and how to do it right. Don't hide that you've made a mistake, they will find out eventually.

6) Be Friendly

Be nice to everyone you meet and even if you've met someone who works there before, and you dislike them, pretend you don't. Your first day is not the day to show your opinions. You are essentially on everyone else's territory so be nice. But remember don't be over the top friendly you don't want to seem fake.


7) Don't Take What Is Not Yours

Even if all the other workers are taking food that they shouldn't, or taking post-it's from the storage cabinet they aren't allowed into, don't follow suit. This is the one day where you should be the 'goody two shoes' and do nothing of the sort unless it is okay'd by the boss.

8) Listen

When things are being said to you, make sure you listen and take notes. They will explain it one time and one time only, so don't mess it up.

9) No Bad Language

Don't use inappropriate language. No matter how much you think no one is listening they might be. There is nothing worse for a first impression than bad language, especially in the workplace.


10) No B*tching

If one of the guys or girls you are working with starts to talk badly about their co-worker, don't say a word. You are only new so don't put your foot in it with anyone. Even if you love having a right b*tch, keep your mouth shut.

11) Exchange Numbers

Exchange numbers with your fellow workers. Then, if you ever have to ask questions or check your hours, someone might be able to help you out. You will be added into the Facebook/Whatsapp group in no time.

12) Stay Late

If they ask you to stay late say yes. But, if they don't just make sure you have done all you can do before you leave. Don't run off the second the clock strikes six.


13) No Flirting

If you fancy some guy or girl in the office, do not flirt with them. In time, yes, but it is your first day today and you don't want to do anything stupid. Scope out if they are single in a week or so.

14) Customers Are Always Right

Whether it is a future client or a customer in a shop, remember they are always right even if they aren't. Especially don't question this on your first day, maybe in the future.


15) Bring Your Own Lunch

If you aren't sure what environment it is in there, bring your lunch. You don't want to be stuck with nothing to eat or nowhere to go and eat. You don't want to faint your first day on the job.

16) Don't Be Afraid To Ask For A Break

You are entitled to one if you are working more than five hours so make sure you get one and take it. You deserve and need the break so make sure you don't work through it. The last thing you want is your employer thinking you don't need breaks.

17) Ask Questions

If you don't know how to do something ask people questions. This is your day to do it, so, don't leave anything until the next day your in. It'll be too late then.


18) Smile

Not a creepy smile but a happy smile. Let people think you are happy with what you're doing, even if you hate it.

19) Don't Have Your Phone With You

Your phone will distract you hugely, so, leave it in your bag or coat pocket on silent. Don't put it on your desk, especially for your first day. No one wants to hear that vibrating.

 20) Don't Be Hungover

A hangover can tell a thousand words so don't go out the night before. It will look so unprofessional and when you are downing a litre of water and eating two extra large burritos, trust me, they'll know.

21) Bring Your Bank Details

Don't forget your bank details on your first day. It will take long enough to sort all that money business out so have it with you on the first day.

Lauren Rol
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Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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