'Hubby McHubface' Among Names Considered For New DCU Student Centre

'Hubby McHubface' Among Names Considered For New DCU Student Centre

As a society we have, over recent years, become upsettingly familiar with various democratic injustices being carried out. The most evident example of this is undoubtedly the 2016 American presidential election where Hilary Clinton, despite winning the popular vote by some three million votes, still lost out to the sentient beef Shreddie™, Donald Trump. Yet none of this would ever have come to pass - if we ignore the deeply-rooted flaws of the American system of electoral colleges - if a dangerous precedent had not been set earlier in the year when an even greater travesty of democracy occurred. This experience I feel bruised our collective belief in the potential for democratic justice to such an extent that we were willing to accept the election of Trump. What I'm talking about of course, was the great controversy surrounding Boaty McBoatface.

The Royal Navy opened the naming of a new research vessel to the public. The name that won outright, as we all know, was 'Boaty McBoatface'. And yet the Royal Navy overlooked the will of the people and instead settled on calling it the RSS Sir David Attenborough.

Now, in an errant and admirable act of revisionism, to try and right some of these historic wrongs, DCU has waded into the fray and is asking their students to provide the name for their new student hub. Thankfully one of the early contenders for the title appears to be 'Hubby McHubface' and, if DCU have any integrity and belief in the all too frayed idea of democracy, then they should stick by the voting public, when sense inevitably prevails among the student voters, and accept that the new student centre will be known hereby as 'Hubby McHubface'.

The three names in the lead at the moment are The Hub, The Annie Louise Gilligan Centre (named after a late theologian of St. Pats), and dear ol' Hubby McHubface. However some of the other names in contention are absolute barn-stormers as well, including; NuHub, Is DCU a Third Level Institution Centre?, Daniel O'Donnell Kingdom, Dear Leader Imperial Palace, Susan Boyle Hall of Fame and Hubway.

The new centre will have some 4,000m2 of floor space and is due to be completed by February 28th 2018.


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