IKEA Is Online in Ireland! We Need Never Leave Home Again

IKEA Is Online in Ireland! We Need Never Leave Home Again

Just yesterday, we brought you the news that you can get cocktails delivered to your door in Dublin. In the latest expose for lazy shoppers, we're here to make your day once again with the info that IKEA has launched an online service in Ireland. Fo'real!

Get ready to give your bank cards a good work out because you'll be able to get IKEA's finest delivered straight to your front door. Fans of their homeware will not longer have have to trek to the Dublin outlet's to get this and that. Nope, you can just shop from the comfort of your own homes.


Don't believe us? There were rumours last year of an IKEA revolution but we're here to tell you the rumours are all true, they're true we tell you! Have a look at their website here and see if something takes your fancy.


It mightn't be good news for the aul' bank balance but we're all for it. Sure it's practically baltic weather outside.

We need never leave home again..

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Niamh Burke

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