11 Instagram Travel Photos That Will Get You Dreaming Of The Warm, Wonderful World

11 Instagram Travel Photos That Will Get You Dreaming Of The Warm, Wonderful World

Sorry, folks. Your brief flurry of freedom is over, reality is back, mid-term is done.

And normal life shall now resume until bloody CHRISTMAS.

But don't fret. Thanks to the wonders of the world-wide web, we can enjoy that travelling lifestyle all year round – and so we've pulled together 11 pics that will give you serious Wanderlust, and make you want to book your next flights right away.

So what are you waiting for?

1. The sunsets in Indonesia, which don't look too shabby

Acceptable, we would say.



2. This take on NYC from a whole new angle

The city that never sleeps from a more tranquil setting.


3. This lucky statue, who gets all the good views


The St Moritz mountain goat looks out across what is actually one of Switzerland's top skiing resorts in winter.


4. The baths in Budapest, which are not exactly what you'd expect...

Sparty is one hell of a party. During the day there may be clam but when night falls the public baths of Budapest are transformed.



5. This pic, which will make you yearn for the buzz of NYC

Plan your day from above. There are few places more buzzing on a gorgeous day.



6. The absolute MESS at the Colour Festival in Istanbul

What would your mammy say?!


7. This pic that proves chasing the Northern Lights around the world may not be the worst idea


It beats staying in a watching telly, I suppose.


8. Brazil, looking bloomin' unreal

The Copacabana doesn't look a bad spot, does it?



9. And this shot that shows there's more to New York than big buildings

Time Square is great and all but what about this for a natural wonder?


10. This view from Mexico, which sums up everything we love about exploration


Room with a view?

11. And finally, this shot of Paris that will make you yearn for the time when you had literally not one care in the world

I want to go now. Please let me go now!

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