Irish Cocktail Bar Selling 50c Communion Wafers As Bar Snacks

Irish Cocktail Bar Selling 50c Communion Wafers As Bar Snacks

Many people may have their own interpretation of what makes a great bar snack. There are of course the ol' favourites, the sturdy and hardy traditional snacks that have, like an old, loyal hound, served us and stood by our sides over the years, your cheese and onion crisps, your mixed nuts, etc. Others however, may have more exotic tastes when it comes to what constitutes the perfect morsel to accompany a frothing pint. Scampi fries are certainly a staple of every bar-fly's diet, I've even seen a pub that had, upon its bar, a vast vat of pickled eggs, serenely suspended in brine, looking spectral and ghostly and they were available to purchase - should you briefly lose control of all common sense and basic human decency - for consumption. I even once knew of a man who thought there was nothing better to accompany a stiff drink than an entire family pack of Petit Filous yoghurts. Awful stuff.

A bar in Limerick has presented something of a new curveball to the world of barsnacks however. If you believe in the concept of Transubstantiation, then you could head to Pharmacia in Limerick to accompany your pint with a bit of everybody's favourite Messiah (all non-Christians excluded), ol' J.C. As brought to our attention on the Rubberbandits' Twitter account they have a jar on their bar - or, a tub in their pub - containing what are called 'altar breads' and labelled as 'holy breads'

It would be unreasonable to presume that these tiny breads have been consecrated beforehand though. However, if you're drinking in the company of a priest, then perhaps you can cajole them into consecrating the bread, thus turning it from a drab bit of wafer, into a piece of the actual body of a man who lived 2,000 years ago.

The tweet also divulges the astounding fact that there used to be a tank in, what is now the bar's smoking area, that contained all of Limerick's holy water. The level of water in the tank would never drop below a certain level, meaning when new water was added in it would mix with the holy water already there, thus in itself becoming holy. They were pioneers of homeopathic holy water. One would imagine the holiness would over time be diluted, this apparently was not the case however.


Pharmacia is located in Limerick.

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