7 Problems Only The Hot One In A Relationship Will Understand

7 Problems Only The Hot One In A Relationship Will Understand

We all know that relationships are, even if we don't care to admit it, ultimately a power play. Both members of a couple want to be the top dog, the MVP, or simply put, The Hot One, and while we may say we love each other equally, we always secretly hope the other one loves us more.


Here are the myriad burdens of being The Hot One in a relationship.

1) You have to deal with your main squeeze's incessant jealousy, at all times.


2) You must constantly reassure your boo that you won't leave them for a far superior specimen, one that is more suited to your hotness level.

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3) You often find yourself being sick and tired of having complete and utter control of the relationship... but then you remember you're a megalomaniac and it's all cool again.

4) You have to constantly inform potential suitors that you are, in fact, taken. You're pretty tired of doing it now, actually.

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5) You sometimes worry that you're perhaps too good-looking. It's a genuine concern.


6) You feel that your worse half should really up their personality game because, let's be honest, right now it's only barely compensating for that colossal gap in physical attractiveness.


7) Sometimes you feel a little bad because you know your less attractive insignificant other would never dare leave you, no matter what egregious offence you commit, but this feeling soon passes and you reassume being hot.


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