Leave The Desk Behind: Why Your Dream Job Doesn't Have To Be Conventional

If someone had asked me what my dream job would have looked like ten years ago (let's pretend for the sake of this that I'm super young), it would likely have been something a little bit out there and there wouldn't have been a single sight of an office chair or desk anywhere in my rose tinted little image. Some people grow up wanting nothing more than a tiny office cubicle and the same day to day tasks because this to them spells security, but honestly, that doesn't sound all that fun to me. So here's why you should really forget the 9-5 dream and focus on something bigger, here's why your dream job doesn't have to be conventional:

Changing environments mean you'll always be kept on your toes.

It's very hard to imagine how monotonous nine hours a day spent staring at the same four walls actually can be, but take it from someone who's been there, it slowly but surely starts to eat away at your soul, bit by bit. It's difficult to come up with new, fresh and exciting ideas and to have a passion for what you do when really, your mind has turned to mush and you haven't had a single cutting edge thought in four and a bit months. New people, new places and different paces will keep your brain ticking over, exciting and awake.

Your passion will always outweigh everything else.

You might be great at your job and all, but deep down it bores you to tears and you know what? Eventually, that'll start to come out in your quality of work and affect other aspects of your life too. Ignore the non-believers who don't follow the same 'love what you do' mantra, because you'll be the one laughing when you're working and living your dream. All together now *lol*

Travelling with your job is an opportunity like no other.


Take an opportunity like this and grab it firmly with both hands because it's not something that's bound to come knocking on an everyday basis. When else will you be asked to jet around being important and contributing (hopefully) lots in a new and exciting place? Rarely, that's when. So for those of you lucky enough to be asked to travel with work, think of it as a major blessing and an eye-opening, life-enhancing thing.

By facing new challenges every day, you'll discover your strengths and weaknesses.

You're never going to grow and push yourself when you're taking on the same tasks day in, day out and really, how could you? To discover where your strengths lie, you must try new things, meet new people, take on new roles and think outside the box, so to speak.

You may also discover a hidden talent for something new.

Everyone has some idea of what they're good at and what they should avoid, but in between the black and white there lies a whole other spectrum of undiscovered colour. Of things that could astound or amaze you because they just come that naturally to you. So now, the only thing that remains is to get out there and find them!


For those of you in creative fields, a non-traditional, non-conformist job is just perfect.

An ever changing environment, coupled with fresh minds, flexible hours and people from all walks of life makes for the most creatively compatible environment you'll ever encounter. A desk you say? What really is a desk anyway?!

Meeting new, interesting people is always a positive thing.

Whether you get along with said people or not is not important, what is important is taking something from every single person that you meet along the way, that you inspire and feel inspired and that you learn as much from them as possible, whether that's directly related to work or more so in the way in which you interact with people, meeting new people is a great way to open your mind and enhance your life.

If your first real job really pushes you, everything else will come easy.

Your first job will rarely be a walk in the park. More often than not it'll be filled with stresses, tears and a whole heap of late nights, combined with little to no money and a group of friends who earn probably twice as much money as you do. But you know what? If you actually really, truly enjoy what you do and learn a lot, then it'll all have been worth it in the end.


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