Leaving Cert Students React To The Dreaded Irish Paper 2

Leaving Cert Students React To The Dreaded Irish Paper 2

We can safely say that today is one of the worst days of the Leaving Cert. Every year is the same, Irish Paper 2 and Biology all wrapped into the same horrible, miserable day.

With two major exams that both have endless chapters and content to learn off, the State Examination Commission (SEC) reeeally wants Leaving Certs to suffer.

The first paper of the day was Irish paper 2. This paper is made up by comprehensions, poetry, prose, and a drama. This years the students are hoping for Geibheann, Dís, Óisín i dTír na nÓg, or Gnáth Rud. Of course we can't forget about An Triail, the most dramatic Irish play there is.


It seems like a few predictions were right, with Dís, Óisín, and Cáca Milis having come up in different sections of the paper.

The over -all exam has left a few mixed reviews between the Leaving Cert students, but mainly negative ones.


The day is half-way done now, next up Biology.

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Grainne Sharkey

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