Life Lessons Learned From Your Favourite Movies

When you take a closer look at your favourite movie you'll see it may have taught you a lot more valuable life lessons than you realise.

1. Clueless

Clueless the classic from the 90s which is not only important for its inspiration to Iggy Azalea's fancy video but the valuable life lessons it taught us like,

You should always listen to your doctor

If the boys you know are too immature you can always try your (ex) step brother


Equality is essential in a relationship

2. Mean girls

If you can't quote this movie word for word I'm judging you. This movie taught us everything we need to know about girl world in 97 minutes,

Always be yourself and don't change for anyone


Sisters always come before misters unless there is an Aaron Samuels involved

And of course the most important thing to know is

3. 21 Jumpstreet

When you get past all the jokes and Channing Tatum's face and take a closer look there are some deeper life lessons to be learned from this movie,


You need to have dedication to succeed in your job

If you take drugs be prepared for the consequences

Never give in to peer pressure


4. School of Rock

This movie teaches us lazy alcohol lovers how to do something beneficial with our lives,

Music can be beneficial to your studies

It's perfectly fine to show up to work hung over the main thing is you showed up


5. Finding Nemo 

A very underrated movie that deals with difficult issues such as struggling with addiction, death and mental illness. You can gain great life perspective from it,

Attending support groups are an important part of your recovery

You can't go around touching peoples butt's


6. The Hangover

If you haven't seen the hangover you should watch it and learn what not to do on a stag night as well as some other great life lessons;

If you don't wake up after a night out with a random tiger/baby in your room or in Bangkok you're doing it wrong

The best way to make new friends is to drunkenly kidnap them naked





jodie Brady

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