Our Lord And Saviour Has Returned! The Nokia 3310 Is Officially Coming Back To Ireland

New Nokia 3310

I vaguely remember the days before the original Nokia 3310. Car journeys with the family would be spent inanely gazing out the window at the scenery passing by, chatting with siblings or playing quaint travelling games like 'I Spy' with the whole family. Awful stuff. Then, thankfully, the Nokia 3310 put an end to all that wholesome nonsense and the sole purpose of car journeys simply became about seeing just how long I could make a digitised cage snake get.

Well it now seems like those days may soon live again! The redesigned Nokia 3310 has been available for several months in the UK, but hasn't officially become available in Ireland, until today that is! (If you're reading this on August 2 that is, as that's the date they're releasing it.) It will retail at a cost of €49.

The redesigned phone tries to keep as much in common with what made the old 3310 so loved, namely that it was utterly indestructible and a single battery charge would see you through the best part of a calender year. Such was the sturdy build quality of these old trusty beasts that I can well imagine a post-apocalyptic scenario after some nuclear disaster where the sole survivors on this earth are cockroaches and original Nokia 3310s.


The phone will be available in either matte blue or grey, the original phone's colours, or a glossy warm yellow or red. The battery is reportedly as good as its predecessor with a reported standby time of a month, so you'll have one day of use and the rest of the month to keep it locked in a drawer as you begin to regret your purchase after the nostalgia value wears off.

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Rory McNab

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