10 Reasons Why You Should Go To The Lovin Dublin Show Live...

Next Monday night in the Bord Gais Energy, Lovin Dublin, the go-to guide for foodies and Dublin lovers everywhere will be hosting a night where 2200 Dubliners will be coming together to be inspired, wowed and encouraged to go on and make the city of Dublin even bigger and better. It would be easy to tell you to attend, but as broke students ourselves, we know parting with a bit of cash always involves a bit of arm twisting... And if you're still not convinced by the end of this, you can enter our competition to win 2 x VIP tickets to the event, and a meal for two at top rated Dublin restaurant San Lorenzos...

Learn How To Sell Your Company For 20 Million From Mark Little

Have you got a little side business or tech start up that you're thinking of running with? Well, Mark little is a Broadcaster who left his secure job as a well known TV figure to jump into the world of tech start ups. He grew his company from here in Ireland before selling it to Newscorp. He might be just the man to talk to.

Get A Ticket For As Little As 20 Euros

We know money is tight so things are being kept super reasonable, for the night that is in it 20 Euros is an absolute steal, you wont get this much food, tech and business knowledge in one room anywhere else for the same price.


3 Course Melas From Some of Dublin’s Best Restaurants For €20

Rather than this just being event but rather a celebration of everything that is good about Dublin. We’ve teamed up with a bunch of awesome restaurants that are offering some of their best dishes for just 20 Euros on the night so as you can enjoy a magical evening with friends.

For All The Ladies In The Audience... Bressie Will Be Making An Appearance

Hear a young man who is on the rise candidly talk about his struggles with generalised anxiety disorder and depression and explain how anybody can overcome their problems and take that next leap.


Chat With Some Of Dublin’s Movers And Shakers... You Never Know, They Might Offer You A Job

The room is going to be full of media, investors, important foodies, celebs and other people you’ll want to meet within the city.

Jamie Heaslip Will Be There...

Jamie and Niall Harbison will talk tech, sports, trends and all things Dublin in this special live edition of the show. Jamie will be just off the back of the Autumn series, and probably still aching, and we’ve been told to expect another special guest...


It's Going To Be Like 'TED Talks' In Dublin

Who hasn't been stuck on their laptop for hours getting inspired by the TED series of talks?  So Lovin Dublin wanted to create something a little more specific to Dublin. Hearing from the people who live and work in the city who can make us all dream bigger and achieve bigger things.


The Lovin Dublin Awards...

There's 7 amazing awards (Best Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Chef, Pub, Cafe and Restaurant) and you’ll be able to vote on the night and help pick the very best of Dublin... What does this mean for me you ask? We'll it means you can show that bird you've been trying to impress the very best bars and restaurants around town, which means you could be getting the ride just for going to this event... Think about that one for a second...


Meet The Man Whose Face Is On Every Bottle Of Pasta Sauce You Buy...

Yeh we're talking about Lloyd Grossman, he is the man who came up with the sauces that so many of us eat on our pasta and curries. How did he build a global brand and what will he see in the new Irish start ups?



One Hell Of An After Party... With Pizza!

The last thing people want to do when they’ve been to something that inspires them this much is to go home. We’ve organised a party for 800 people in Sam’s bar with booze, pizza and some serious networking with the speakers and other guests.

Don't get left behind, book your ticket here while you still can!

Shane Johnston
Article written by
Editor for CollegeTimes, UCD graduate and music lover. [email protected]

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