7 Money Saving Tips For Students That Will Save You Thousands

7 Money Saving Tips For Students That Will Save You Thousands

It's not always easy being a student and trying to manage your finances. There's lots of craic agus ceoil to be had and the last thing you want to do is count the coppers. Why not focus on the long-term with these money saving tips for students from the experts? You won't have to worry about the small things if you look at the bigger picture.

Writers of This Book Is Worth €25,000, Charlie Weston and Karl Deeter, popped into Collegetimes to give us some advice on saving money:

1. Insurance

The pair recommends that students, specifically males, should apply for insurance with EU legislation means it's forbidden for companies to discriminate based on gender.

2. Car Tax

You save money by paying for your tax or insurance all at once, that's if you can afford to pay it all at once.


3. Don't Be Loyal

Be savvy and switch companies to save money. Struggling with that Broadband bill? Sky are offering bundles packages with unlimited internet at the moment. The biggest thing to remember - companies are not loyal to you.

4. Rent A Room

The majority of your finances will go on renting an apartment with your friends. Save money by renting a room instead and you won't have to do a one-year lease.

5. Sort Out Your Tax


Students do not have to pay certain tax brackets if they're working parttime and earning less than 8,000 a year.

6. Your Bank Account Is Essential

Avoid using your student credit card and sign up with banks who are offering you long-term investments rather than short-term deals.

7. Bills, Bills, Bills

Believe it or not, you can change your electricity provider that came with the place you're renting. In a lot of cases the electricity company may be a more expensive provider, as your landlord doesn't live there, so do not get stung with massive bills.

To find out more tips on how to save money get Charlie Weston and Karl Deeter new book 'This Book is Worth €25,000'.

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