Very Nice, High Five! Doing This Activity Once A Week Could Slow Ageing

Very Nice, High Five! Doing This Activity Once A Week Could Slow Ageing

It comes to us all in the end.

No matter how many lotions and potions we invest in, ageing is unavoidable and every time the Internet pops up with an image captioned 'You won't believe what this child star looks like', a little part of us dies inside. I mean, have you seen Eminem's daughter lately? The cute little girl that the rapper used to release songs about is in her early twenties!

Anyway, a study published earlier this year on ageing (forgive us for being late to the party) revealed some very interesting results. It basically showed that having more sex could slow ageing. Yep, doing more of that could pro-long your life.



For the research, experts examined the sex lives of 129 mothers in relationships over the course of a week. The study compared the length of DNA strand protectors called telomeres amongst each woman. Telomeres shorten as you age and are a reliable measure of health.

So there you have it, more sex could slow ageing...scientifically proven an all!

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