Netflix Wants To Pay You To Watch T.V - Why It's The Best Job Ever

If you have a penchant for television and movie releases, and actually pay to stream them directly, then you probably have a Netflix account. If that's the case, then I have bit of news that will make you wet yourselves with delight. Netflix have released a job application for UK/Ireland-based 'taggers', meaning that they want to hire someone to watch their upcoming shows and movies, and tag them according to category. You will get paid to do what many of us do whilst hungover. These are the reasons why this could possibly be the best job in the world.

11. You Can Keep Your Own Timetable

Unlike 99% of other jobs, this would actually allow you to choose your own timetable. You're a night person? No problem, watch t.v. all night - like you usually would - and sleep all day. Glorious.

10. You Can Work In Your Pyjamas

Seriously, where else could you actually work in your own pjs/tracksuit/fat-day pants? Unless you are a stay-at-home pyjama salesman, I don't think it's all that possible.


9. You Can Eat Whenever You Want

Coffee break? Lunch break? All day is a lunch break. The world is your oyster; by that, I mean your world is some fresh oysters from a trusted source. If not, well, that takes us to my next point...

8. You Can Take Long Poos

Nothing like pooing in your own home, is there? No queuing for the toilet, or trying to squeeze out a silent one in a cubicle, waiting for others to dry their hands and just fucking leave.


7. You Can Be A Slob

And no one can say anything to you. Not a word about hygiene regulations and dress code. You do you!

6. You Get Paid To Do What You Would Do Anyway

Don't lie, even if unemployed, you would probably be streaming some kind t.v. show, be it of high quality or not (you know what I mean). You may as well get paid to act like you're unemployed!


5. You Don't Have To Take Sick Days

Because, let's face it, you could probably still manage to watch something - depending, of course, on just how sick you are.

4. They Pay You Instead Of You Paying Them

Oh, how the tables have turned, my friend.


3. You'll Get To See Shows And Movies Before They Are Released

And then decide how others may find it. Power! Mwahahaha.

2. There Are Some Great Releases This Month

From 'My Sister's Wedding', with a stellar performance by Anne Hathaway, to classics such as 'The Sixth Sense' and the final episode of 'The IT Crowd'.

1. You Can Bring Your Friend/SO/Cat To Work

You don't have to be alone, we are all here for you.

Emma Hyland

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