11 Life Essentials You Should Never Buy On The Cheap

11 Life Essentials You Should Never Buy On The Cheap

Deals and discounts are a saving grace for students alike. Unfortunately, sometimes taking the cheaper option will actually cause you more trouble.

When faced with the arduous task of choosing to go with the legit option or the knock-off version, we've compiled a list of things you definitely can't be scabby with.

1. Your bus/Luas fare

As much as you may have a baby face, when you're 21 you can't be passing for a 15-year-old. Also, you have to pay a fine if you're caught – just pay the extra euro you scab.


2. An Indian take-away

If there's one thing we can all agree on – no one wants to be spending the guts of an hour on the toilet cursing that korma that gave you the shits. No one.


3. Car phone chargers

The bane of every driver's life. You're in a rush and have a long drive ahead of you, you plug in that charger you got in Dealz to your nearly dead phone. But alas, it doesn't bloody work and you have to spend the next two hours listening to Daniel O'Donnell on the radio.shutterstock_428803915

4. Those thin, cheap bin bags

Nothing is worse than emptying a bin bag and watching the entire remains crash down to the floor. Do not and I repeat DO NOT buy cheap bin bags, that weird smelling juice that collects in the bag will remain forever.


5. Useless tea towels


These are the worst. Rather than soaking up liquid they actually dampen your surface even further.


6. Fake tea bags

Under no circumstances should you ever buy cheap tea bags. The results can be disastrous, some people have died of heart failure upon tasting the muck.




7. A crap metal clothes horse

Imagine this, you have spent 15 minutes hanging up your damp clothing, all is good in the world then as you walk away, you hear a bang and all your clothes are in a pile amongst the metal rubble. It's shite and not worth it.

 8. Earphones

Cheap earphones are the bane of my existence. You always buy them but never learn until they completely fall apart.


9. Nikita Vodka


Tesco has gotten rid of its own brand vodka and has cunningly replaced it with this poison. Do not drink it as you will puke your ring up.


10. Haircuts

If the place is cheap it's too good to be true. Nothing's worse that strolling into a barber wanting to look like David Beckham and coming out looking like Spock.


11. Finally...any type of waxing

Ladies, it's best to leave it up to the professionals. Once you make yourself bleed, it's time to call it quits.


Ciara Finnegan

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