New App Stops Drunk Texting- Let's All Celebrate!

How many times have you woken up and wanted to catch the next one way rocket to Mars after sending some shameful, cringe inducing texts while drunk the night before? Not only is your head pounding, your mouth dry and your stomach churning- but you also HATE yourself... You know when you know, and you have to build yourself up to opening your messages and look at them in a quick burst like how you would say, jump into a cold pool? Or when you just have more than a feeling you were taking some godawful photos of yourself that defffinitely weren't remotely attractive nevermind sexy? That DREAD of going into your camera roll? Do you ever just delete a whole conversation window before you even open it and survey the damage because you JUST CAN'T HANDLE LIFE?!


Yep, me too. You're not on your own, we all fling out the odd questionable to downright life ruining text with wild abandon every once in a while. But- HALLELUJAH! Someone has solved this conundrum for us fools, some saintly software developer has made all our dreams come true, just wait for it-

AN APP THAT STOPS YOU SENDING DRUNK MESSAGES. It's called, 'Privates’ and includes a recall feature and loads of other clever  little features to stop you from wanting to walk around in a latex based facial disguise forevermore come Monday morning.


The recall function all owes unread message to be deleted automatically after a set amount of time. The user can choose between 3 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours. Screenshot prevention is also included thank Christ, limiting mortification once more.

Video: Protect Your Privates - Ultimate screenshot prevention messaging app


Credit: Protect Your Privates

College Times Staff

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