Pics: Disney's New 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' Range Is Spooktacular

Pics: Disney's New 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' Range Is Spooktacular

Today we took a trip down to Grafton Streets Disney store and ended up being floored by The Nightmare Before  Christmas merchandise.

Disney is gearing up for their high Christmas launch but, thankfully, they remembered the much loved Halloween movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. The Tim Burton/ Danny Elfman collaboration became a cult classic after its release in December of 1994. What would Halloween be like without Jack, Sally and all the minions of Halloween Town? The range has been specifically made to target older Disney audiences who adore the Halloween movie.

Here's the full range of The Nightmare Before Christmas bits and other keep sakes from the Disney store:

Jack Skellington Cookie Jar

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

The Nightmare Before Christmas Cappucino mug


Also, great for lots of tea. 

Jack and Sally Mug

Couple goals.

Sally Soft Toy Doll

For anyone who ever loved Sally more than Barbie...


Jack Skellington Lounge Pants For Adults

The perfect pj's...

Jack Skellington Icon Mug


Sally & Jack Lunchbox

Jack Pencil Case

Does it glow in the dark!

Jack Skellington Hoodie


Lounge around with Jack in your giant Skellington hoodie.

Jack Skellington iPhone 7 Case

Meeko From Pocahontas Teddy

*internally sobs*


Disney Pencilcases

Originally €15, the giant pencil cases come in different sizes and colours, including Stitch, for €4.90.

Edna from The Incredibles Mug

At €12, it's worth it for the sass.


To see all The Nightmare Before Christmas bits available from Disney and all the other collections click here.

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