Penneys New Pyjama Sets Are Perfect For Christmas

Penneys New Pyjama Sets Are Perfect For Christmas

With Christmas Eve just around the corner you'll be looking for your Christmas PJs. Let's face it none of us have grown up, so why not stock up from the best on the high street for all your nostalgic needs?

As per tradition, Penneys has released a huge selection of Christmas PJs from all our favourite movies and tv shows. If you're a fan of Disney, Harry Potter or Friends, there's a little something for everyone.

If you're stuck for a kris kindle, we can't imagine anybody refusing a set of Rugrats or Monsters Inc PJs, unless they're monsters or ungrateful children which nobody needs in their life.

Aristocrat Slippers

Stitch and Simba

The Grinch


Harry Potter Patronus Pyjamas

Monsters Inc


The Rugrats 


Friends Onesie


The pyjamas featured in this post are available now in Penneys stores nationwide.

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